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Retirement Undone

By In Suzi's Words, published on Apr 23, 2014

...Mark Freedman, for more than 9 million Baby Boomers starting second careers, retirement signifies a whole new beginning. Seniors today are in the prime of their lives; actively participating in sports, mentoring up-and-coming CEO’s, and putting their heart’s passion in motion by joining non-profit organizations faster than you can say rocking chair!

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

~ Gandhi

31 million more ‘retirement aged’ adults are planning their futures to include more than golf and gardening. Being... (more)

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Philanthropy and Celebrity Are Like A Dance Between Lovers

By Lumiere, published on May 8, 2013

... day time madness of juggling press and my camera equipment during Fashion Week. My evenings would be spent hosting consecutive charity events to promote causes such as, annual New York City run-a-thon benefiting , and another great non-profit during the Opening Art Showcase at Trump and a local Gallery. My journey would be a consecutive, non-stop run for 14 days on 5 hours of sleep every night mingling from one after party to the next with my Art Agent. When other people's Fashion Week ended, mine... (more)

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