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WAR President IS PEACE Laureate

By Tom Lewis, published on Dec 10, 2009

... not use the theoretical powers of the presidency to overturn any of the apple-carts of the military/industrial complex (or missile-carts or whatever they may be). But we know that they work.

We know because we heard President Barack Obama say this morning in Oslo, as he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009, "war is sometimes necessary." Not only now, but in the future, nations "will find the use of force not only necessary but morally justified." This is "a recognition of history," he said, and recognition that "evil does exist in the world."

Does he know his history well... (more)

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Micro-credit... Pennies from Heaven for the Poor

By Steven Lane, published on Mar 31, 2007

... the micro-world's best known micro-credit enterprise. Twenty five years later, Yunnus reported, "When we started giving out tiny loans, we never imagined that one day we would be reaching hundreds of thousands, let alone two million, borrowers." Last year, Muhammad Yunnus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his pioneering work...pretty cool! How could $25 possibly change someones life? It's really simple. Poor people in developing counties, (What a weird designation, "developing country"), do not have collateral, nor the stable incomes to deal with mainstream banks. Unlike middle class... (more)

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