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Seeing, the Enemy of Sight

By D. Sager, published on Apr 9, 2013

...yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” - Henry David Thoreau

He reached out, with tentative explorations, in the heavy darkness. Night and day seem the same in a world where light refuses to shine. Colors are there, regardless of illumination, and he could on occasion feel them as real as the cold chill that accompanied this new life. When the vision of the journey's end is robbed, and the consuming desire for just the next... (more)

Tags: night, alone, cold, vision, dark, sight, blindness, liberation, step, chill, henry david thoreau, illumination, seeing

With rain they draft their fable

By Uttam Gill, published on Mar 28, 2013

... parley of loving abodeUnder the heavenly charm they residesWith fine tune of love in their heartMoments of life, that solemnly binds The eternal love and that will lastVerandah in its space builds up moreFrom the cloud the lightening callsHe looks at her with loving adoreShe feels the comfort as night further falls In the enchanting aura they took the handsFor them, the life is a gift and a dreamTheir passion just not know any amendsThey immerses in each other with soul so cleanIn the world so beautiful and calmIn folds of dark night they assembleThe rain says, “Dream in each other’s... (more)

Tags: love, night, rain, fable, dream, eternal

Ghost Too Cry

By Uttam Gill, published on Jan 7, 2013

Today the silence is not same, in pitch dark of night; she steps out from her house and head towards the banyan tree at the outskirt of his village. The barren path and above the glowing sky, she walks alone in the middle of night, with that she, establishes an infallible trilogy of mysterious co-existence. To onlooker, it may appear, weird but who can be out at this hour of the night; only this woman, who is out there; piercing darkness for the reasons, known to her only. In silence, she contests the reasons of silence and that’s how every night, she walks alone, to be at that banyan tree.... (more)

Tags: love, life, night, fear, ghost, hope, silence

Misty Is Her Way

By D. Sager, published on Oct 14, 2012

I felt light traces of her fingertips, leaving a trail of pleasure long after they found other parts of my landscape to wander. My breathing slows, mind numbs, and a creeping satisfaction, like morning mist rolling down the hillside, fills every low place of my mind. The lows of sadness, footprints of giants pocketing my memory, cupped every delicate drop of her. These lined with the nature and nurture of excruciating experience, crushed me like shells on the shore, the pounding driving me into smaller and smaller pieces. Ah, but the mist of her touch, brought healing in the haze. The troubles... (more)

Tags: moon, night, soldier, soul, lies, scars, nature, prayer, light, drama, deceit, eyes, bruise, beast, gash, maim, nature of the beast, slimy, sweat


By D. Sager, published on Mar 26, 2012

In the early dawn, the dark and the bright birth

My silver cage flew open, and I wandered,


In the cool of the morning, the placenta of night

My foundling feet find rhythm, and I wandered,


In the heat of noon, the umbilical light a rage

My downy wings grow furious, and I wandered,


In the dying day, the flower of life now closing

My infant dreams lay in grasses, and I wandered,


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Tags: dreams, night, grass, infant, flower, dawn, cool, birth, silver, dark, wings, rage, aimless, cage, feet, flew, placenta, rhythm, umbilical, wander

Eternal Love

By Aromal Mukundan, published on Mar 6, 2012

Never since i have seen himStill i am in loveNever been together we haveStill i am in loveI waited till it was eveBut soon had to leaveShe never came But i wont blameI waited till dawn And then was goneHe was seen no whereNot eve a single glareI know i will love herAs long as i liveFor i am the day And she is the night


Tags: love, night, day, sun

A Valentinian Heart

By XanthusKidd, published on Feb 14, 2012

...danced with the wind. The branches creaked and a light mist clung to the bleak surroundings. Soundlessly, the passersby watched the lamps slowly extinguish as the fixtures burned through their meager ration of oil.

In the house was a man. Dressed in dark garb and prepared for a sleepless night, the man watched as the flame struggled against the thick, oppressive air. The smoke from the fire draped itself over him like a misty cloak, permeating his nightclothes and choking out the pleasant odors of the night air. The room was ill-furnished, filled only with rough-hewn, inexpensive... (more)

Tags: valentine's day, night, failure, prose, dreary, dark, st. valentine

Outside Night

By D. Sager, published on Dec 25, 2011

I’m hiding in this darkness for so long

I don’t remember light.

I thought I would open a window and see

What’s outside night.

But on the glance of what should be hope,

I was blinded by the ray.

I never knew light would cause me To know such vivid pain. But its warmth had a touch and a Sight of what could be, I was still scared by the pain of knowing

I really wasn’t free.

The prison I was locked in is

A cage of my own design.

Only I could use a key of faith

One had left for me to find.

... (more)

Tags: night, faith, darkness, light, break free, key

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