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Lakers Deserve Win. L. A. Doesn't

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 15, 2009

... coach. I’m even moderately okay with the idea of Kobe Bryant being named the MVP of the tournament.

But the City of Los Angeles doesn’t deserve it.

If the people of Los Angeles can’t be any better behaved when the Lakers win, it’s no damn wonder the NFL won’t allow anyone to put a franchise here. If I owned an NFL team, I wouldn’t put them in L.A. either!

There’s too many gang-bangers in L.A. who have stolen the Lakers identity to use as their own to make keeping the team in town. The whole reason the Staples... (more)

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Dancing With The Stars Season Eight Announced

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 9, 2009 titles. He also has two bull riding world titles. Let's see what he can do without so much beef between his legs...

David Alan Grier - Honestly. Do I have to say anything here???

Lawrence Taylor - regarded as the greatest defensive player in the history of the NFL. The Hall of Famer played his entire career with the New York Giants and has two Super Bowl rings to boot. Don't knock it, folks, if you've watched, every time there is a football player on Dancing, he tends to fare better than he's given credit for.

Nancy O'Dell - at 42 and with... (more)

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Nfl Play60 Kids' Day At Nfl Experience

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jan 28, 2009

NFL Play60 Kids’ Day At NFL Experience

My journey to Tampa, Florida to cover events leading up to Super Bowl XLIII has come to an end. I return to Los Angeles Thursday afternoon. I had a marvelous journey here for NFL Experience presented by Bank of America and Super Bowl Media Day for the six days that I was in Tampa, Florida.

My exciting journey began several hours after I landed with a Media Tour of the grounds of the NFL Experience presented by Bank of America on Friday, January 23. The skilled tradesmen and women did a great job of getting the area set-up before... (more)

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Youthful Spirit At Super Bowl Week In Tampa

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jan 26, 2009

...the Pittsburg Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.

The weather in Tampa is pleasant mid 70's.This a welcomerespite from the freezing temperature of a week ago.

There is a mind boggling, dizzying variety of events throughout the city leading up to the big game. Current and former NFL Players are making appearances at various elementary schools and veterans hospital. There was an event to collect used sporting equipment, and house building with Habitat for Humanity just to name a few.

One of the main events that I attended was NFL Experience presented by Bank of... (more)

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The Taming Of The Shoe

By Glenn T, published on Dec 16, 2008

...just one of the dress shoes turned projectile, and the New York Times is reporting that a daughter of the Libyan leader Muammar el-Qaddafi has awarded the thrower a medal of courage. But this is all after the fact – the result of the same hype machine which turns nominal injuries to NFL quarterbacks into week-long national news stories. The initial reaction was far more telling. You can be certain that press conferences in Iraq will not suddenly require all attendees to go through a rigorous screening process (including the removal of shoes and the reduction of one’s... (more)

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Nate Knows Baseball

By Ed Attanasio, published on Nov 15, 2008

I know major league baseball is on hiatus and that the NFL, NBA and NHL are on center stage right now, but for seam heads like myself, baseballl is a year-round fascination.

I have interviewed almost 50 retired major league baseball players throughout the years and few have made me feel as comfortable as Nate Oliver. A soft-spoken and extremely articulate man, I have talked to him on several occasions after meeting with him initially in early 2005. His stories of his years as a player and a coach are both fascinating and candid.

Nate is the son of Jim Oliver Sr., who had... (more)

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Top Ten Outdoor Venues In Los Angeles

By Josh Marks, published on Aug 21, 2008

...same name. For UCLA fans however, the Rose Bowl is simply the home field of their beloved Bruins. Anytime the Bruins host their crosstown rivals the USC Trojans, the atmosphere is electric from Westwood to University Park. The Rose Bowl opened in 1921 and the design was influenced by the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut. Over the years the 92,542-seat stadium has hosted events for two Olympics, five Super Bowls and two FIFA World Cup finals. Non-sporting events include an annual 4th of July fireworks show and a flea market the second ... (more)

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When Retirement Really Isn't Retirement

By tmoya, published on Aug 10, 2008

...and laugh under my breath more than Brett. I sadly think the time has come to bury the image of the great sport legends. You know the legends that I’m talking about; you see them in the grainy archive films whenever the sports leagues talk about their “glorious past”. In the NFL those legends had names like Starr, Unitas, Montana – guys that played beaten and battered, walked the talk, and made no excuses. For sixteen years it appeared that Brett was one of these guys. Sure, for the last several seasons Favre fans endured the annual “I think it’s time... (more)

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American Cheese, What Does It Really Say About America?

By Lumiere, published on Jul 21, 2008

...would continue to perceiveour countries products- cheap and of poor quality. Does American cheese reveal thatwehave lostour competitive edge to be the best and most innovative in the products we create, manufacture and develop? Surelythe competitive edgestill exists in America, just watch any NFL superbowl Sunday when the opposing team you are cheering for scores a touch down. If we could figure out a way to harness the thermo energy released from our competitive love for sports, we might possibly power an entire a city.Our country isboiling over with some of the most educated and... (more)

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The Analog, The Digital, And The High Def

By Crowbar, published on May 25, 2008

...wireless broadband technology for faster wireless use.

The other benefit to all television going digital is twofold. One, there will be no more fuzzy pictures. Either your television gets the entire signal, or none of the signal. The age of comprising on ghostlike phantoms during the NFL football season is over. The other benefit is that there will be more programming available to those who still don’t want to pay for 400 channels. Any station now can multicast its shows on multiple networks, so instead of just channel 9, there could be 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, etc.

... (more)

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