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Private Wars – `lest we forget'.

By iancochrane, published on Jun 24, 2013

...ANZAC Day. He won’t see a doctor. I’m hoping he’ll finally talk to other Vets.” Becky stared blankly at the shelves of milk. “What else can I do? I love that man.” A self-conscious smile and she turns away. I head home thinking of Ed and the upcoming reunions across Australia and New Zealand.

Ed’s an old school friend, us both from the other side of town. With the coming of conscription, I missed `The Draft’ by one day, gravitating toward anti-war rallies and well-stacked, skinny girls in tight jeans and tees. Ed had wandered up north, picking fruit at first, then... (more)

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Soul Searching – South Island, New Zealand.

By iancochrane, published on Jun 9, 2013

We linger in the dark after coffee, among deserted café chairs of bleached wooden slats, tables and simple benches. The air smells of seaweed, salt and garlic. The night cries of wheeling gulls float across Moeraki Harbour – ‘sleepy sky’ in Maori – as little blue penguins nest between waterline rocks at our feet.

The café waitress has suggested we seek out a guide: “an odd loner who drops by every year.” So today we meet Neville; a pasty-faced, man with a confident, slow-talking manner offset by that peculiar Kiwi lilt. “You’re wondering what I’m doing down here?” We’re not, but my girlfriend... (more)

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Bottle on the Ocean of Time

By Anastasia , published on Jan 24, 2013

... too embarrassing, just in case it turns up decades later, when I have reached the grand old lady stage of life.

Herbert Earnest Hillbrick’s message turned up, sadly many years after his death. Last November his bottle with a message was found by a man called Geoff Flood on a beach on New Zealand’s North Island. It had been bobbing around the oceans of the world since March, 1936.

Inside was a note bearing the mark of the P&O shipping company. Cast overboard from a ship by the name SS Strathnaver, it read “At sea. Would the finder of this bottle kindly forward the... (more)

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