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The Demise Of The American Dream

By Amo, published on Sep 29, 2008

...and thus weakening both independent systems.

Of course, the Clinton Administration didn’t stop there, within that same year Clinton appointed Franklin Delano Raines, the CEO, of Fannie Mae giant GSE (Government Sponsored Enterprise), which had been "privatized" and listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Under Raines, the Clinton Administration began lobbying Congress for less regulation and more "flexibility".

Soon a once sound and stable financial institution gave way to radical government intervention and social engineering, the likes of which has never been seen.... (more)

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Nick Fury, Agent Of S.h.i.e.l.d.

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 23, 2008

... but everybody acknowledges his love of country and sense of honor.The rest of the cast is equally good. Lisa Rinna has two of the most beautiful eyes this side of Meg Foster and she’s got great chemistry with Hasselhoff. During the scenes with Valentina searching for the missiles in New York, take a close look at her second in command. Yep, that’s Roger Cross who plays Curtis Manning on ‘24’. They never give his character a name so I’d like to think that maybe this is Curtis Manning before he transferred to CTU. Ron Canada as Gabriel Jones has some nice ... (more)

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Harlem Book Fair On Long Island September 27, 2008

By Phil Andrews, published on Sep 15, 2008 prior Book Fair. The African Atlantic Genealogical Society will be hosting the Harlem Book Fair on Long Island on Saturday, September 27, 2008. The book fair was established in Harlem in 1998, by Max Rodriguez, publisher of QBR the Black Book Review. It has been held annually in Harlem, New York City, since then. Other venues have been established in cities across the country (i.e.) San Diego, CA, Boston, MA; Chicago,IL; etc. Long Island became an additional venue in 2003. Broadway Star Bernard J. Marsh Author of   GREAT WHITEWAY/GREATWHITE LIES will be signing at this year's book... (more)

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Sarah Stings Obama, While Wooing A Nation

By Amo, published on Sep 12, 2008 his running mate. Ironically, while Obama continues talking about change, McCain quietly goes about doing just that.

Perhaps it was Obama’s ego or his lack of understanding, or his sense of entitlement that prevented him from at least considering the senator from New York, for the Vice-Presidential slot, in any event, 18-million votes is a sizeable number to disregard.

Astoundingly, Obama and company have now tapped Senator Clinton to be the buffer and challenge Governor Palin. Apparently Obama and Joe (what’s his name), want nothing to do with ... (more)

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The Greatest Week In Comedy

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 31, 2008 eloquent a plan – and eloquent the would have had to have been for it to be an inside job. While a mere 3000 people died, the number of people who would have had to be sworn to secrecy would populate a small farm town in Oklahoma including Rudolph Giuliani, George Pataki and the entire New York City police and fire departments as well as the CEOs of American and United Airlines, the flight crew of the four planes and the United States Military Establishment. If you're going to do something as covert as blowing up the tallest buildings in New York City and the largest office building... (more)

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The Great White Hype

By Invisible African, published on Aug 29, 2008

...are mostly being polite, the theory goes, because come November they vote for the white candidate in droves.

“Welcome to the murky world of modern racism, where most of the open animus has been replaced by a shadowy bias that is difficult to measure,” Charles Blow wrote in The New York Times.

There was no difficulty measuring the animus on July 4, 1910, when thousands of white Americans swarmed Reno, Nevada, to witness Jim Jeffries snatch the title away from Jack Johnson. Hailed as the “great white hope,” Jeffries said he was “going into the fight for the sole... (more)

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America Under Surveillance: Creating Modern Slavery

By Lumiere, published on Aug 22, 2008

...said to the House of Representatives on June 27, 2002, "...Is America a Police State?" My answer is: "Maybe not yet, but it is fast approaching."

Across cities in America, police cameras are popping up at intersections, stop lights, highways, commercial buildings and even schools. In New York City, the police department is currenly pushing legislation to eliminate the need for a search warrant (also unconstitutional) and the city has more than 4,000 street level cameras from the West Village down to Battery Park. According to Matt Faiella of the New York Civil Liberties Union, " I... (more)

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Ding, Ding, Russia Vs. Georgia

By Justin, published on Aug 15, 2008

I’m on a roll, and I am not stopping for anybody! Georgia, Russia, who’s next? It pains me, when I try to bring it up in conversation, that people ask me, “Oh my, why are they attacking Georgia, and not New York?” There must be something chronically wrong with the American view, and I thought that some of us would pay a little more attention to our news stations from the recent hikes in the stock market, and the upcoming election… obviously not so much.

I want to ask, why does everyone come to ask us to interfere? Of course when... (more)

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Overcome Your Phobias, With Past Life Regression Therapy

By Seema Upadhyay, published on Aug 13, 2008

...his boss who would constantly insult and humiliate him in front of his colleagues. Vikram had to suppress his emotions since he needed the job. After few sessions of PLRT he became a better communicator and has quit his job after giving an earful to his boss and is currently working in New York, US and is drawing a much higher pay package.

Real life stories of Kashish, Sunita, Vikram and others got me intrigued and curious to meet their therapist Dr. (Mrs). Trupti Jayin; a past life therapist. An excerpt of my conversation with her:

Tell us about your background?

... (more)

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Clark Rockefeller: International Man Of Mystery

By Crowbar, published on Aug 12, 2008

...the company learned that he had been using Berkowitz’s social security number to buy stocks.

“My client has no recollection of using Berkowitz’s identification.”

“I have no recollection of my past.”

Time passes and Crowe shows up in New York. Hired by Nikko Securities International Manhattan office as vice president of the corporate bond department, Crowe spun tales of being the former head of the faux Battenbeg-Crowe-von-Wettin Family Foundation, owning European castles, and driving Italian sports cars while he drove around in... (more)

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