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Obama-sarkozy: The War Of The Worlds

By JN.PAQUET, published on Apr 6, 2009


And the first French “people” President started to think bigger and travelled all over the world to spread the good word, i.e. he was the “Saviour of the World”. Didn’t he give lessons to other world leaders at the United Nations, in New York? Didn’t he create a new treaty to save the European Union from sinking? (Well, the Irish people voted against it in their referendum, but Sarkozy still believes it will happen anyway…)

In a nutshell, the Sarkozys - husband and wife - had become the likes of Marmite,... (more)

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AIG And The Three Stooges

By Amo, published on Mar 24, 2009 the show.

All kidding aside, obviously the administration did not perform its due-diligence on AIG before handing out hundreds of billions of dollars of tax payer money. Astoundingly, Tim Geithner was the president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and in that capacity he was responsible for overseeing investment banks and was personally involved in the AIG bailout, and now the administration is upset, as is this congress, that millions of dollars of tax payer money was paid out in bonuses, and while the anger is justified among the... (more)

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So What If Obama Is Black

By PATRICK PETION, published on Mar 17, 2009

...the only thing we need is freedom to be able to work get an education and start a business for ourself and our family.The only thing we should need from a government not the color of their skin, but they guaranteed our freedom.

Finally taxe increse hurt everybody, as the maire of New York has the courage to mention it, higher taxes mean two thing; less profitfor the investor therefore they won't invest or they will pass the taxes to the consummer, so price will increase. At the end taxes increases will hurt the poor more than hurting the rich. if Obama really care about black... (more)

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A Spending Orgy, Of Biblical Proportion

By Amo, published on Mar 2, 2009

...economies, to the brink of bankruptcy, and government officials that failed in their initial oversight obligations, to safeguard the institutions that they were entrusted to protect.

All one needs to do is take a look at the two most influential states in the union, California and New York, to see how “progressive” governments truly work…and this is the economic template that President Obama envisions for the rest of America.

However, I truly believe, like young adolescents who think they’re invincible, we need to once again learn the hard... (more)

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Bailing Out Stupidity!

By Amo, published on Feb 21, 2009 good faith and based on their ability to pay, and perhaps (through no fault of their own), lost a job or income, or fell victim to a family crises, those are the folks that should be helped and not the Marlo Saab’s of the world, who purchased homes with no money down, and a moderate (by New York standards), income.

For those unfamiliar with Mr. Saab, he’s a Queens’s resident who purchased a $600,000 home on an $80,000 a year salary, with no money down. His story appeared a few days ago, along with his photo, on page-7, of the New York Daily News, under the headline “I... (more)

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And He Laid His Hands On Them, And Healed Them (luke 4:40)

By Amo, published on Feb 13, 2009

...take from Peter to pay Paul, and leave the consequences for future generations and administrations, to work out.

He’ll wipe your nose and hand you a check, no questions asked and no need for fiscal discipline. After all you’re probably a “progressive state” like California or New York, never mind that in lala land you have the highest tax rates (10.3%) in the country, while in the Big Apple we enjoy a combined state and city tax rate of 10.5%...THE ONE will take care of you.

After all California is only $15 billion dollars in the red while New York is trying to... (more)

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Dancing With The Stars Season Eight Announced

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 9, 2009

...Let's see what he can do without so much beef between his legs...

David Alan Grier - Honestly. Do I have to say anything here???

Lawrence Taylor - regarded as the greatest defensive player in the history of the NFL. The Hall of Famer played his entire career with the New York Giants and has two Super Bowl rings to boot. Don't knock it, folks, if you've watched, every time there is a football player on Dancing, he tends to fare better than he's given credit for.

Nancy O'Dell - at 42 and with a 19-month old daughter, she's the hottest TV host in the... (more)

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Reagan Era Republicans: Will They Be The Ones "left Behind"?

By john robertson, published on Feb 2, 2009

...called Left Behind: Eternal Forces. Based upon the popular end times novels read by over 500,000,000 fans, the new computer game was laced with violent battles and spiritual messages stressing the urgent need to convert non-believers. Players battling non-believing citizens in the streets of New York may choose to pray to increase their strength, recruit converts to the cause, perform exorcisms, or shoot to kill those who refuse to be born again. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, where only an Evangelical Army can create the peace promised by the second coming of Christ.... (more)

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Where Have All The Dollars Gone?

By Amo, published on Feb 1, 2009

...questionable selection of Tim Geithner for Treasury secretary, or for that matter the $825 billion dollar “stimulus package”, that is now before congress? For those unfamiliar with Mr. Geithner, he was the president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and in that capacity he was responsible for overseeing investment banks called “primary dealers”, yet both Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns failed.

The question again needs to be asked, why did he allow six months to elapse between Bear Sterns failure and Lehman’s... (more)

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Vanishing Point

By DLFerguson, published on Jan 30, 2009

...what influences his decision at the end of the movie. Or maybe not. Maybe he was just really hopped up on the speed. Who knows? Cleavon Little is wonderfully manic as Super Soul although you have to wonder just what the hell such a hip black guy who obviously would be more at home in New York or Los Angeles is doing in a redneck town way the hell out in the desert. If you look close you’ll recognize John Amos (James from “Good Times”) as Super Soul’s engineer. The rest of the performances are nothing to brag about but they are quirky and intriguing.

... (more)

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