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In LA, It's All About Getting Lucky

By Laura Nicole Finkel, published on Jan 23, 2007

...or mass-mailed-to-no-avail headshots? Maybe you've heard the Urban Legand that many of these seekers less gritty that Yourself, have turned on their heels and fled back to Kansas after 6 months to a year of exasperating frustration. In fact my last two roomates, both working actors from New York, each returned to the Big Apple quite promptly after looking for work in LA and coming up empty handed. Apparently feeling like a little fish in an enormous lake of shark has its drawbacks. So where, exactly, am I heading with this commentary? Like an altruistic favorite aunt, i'm simply... (more)

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"Live work and play, downtown LA"

By lilac, published on Jan 22, 2007

...seems to be an attack of ADHD. The city of los angeles is trying to turn downtown into some kind of hotspot - not just a place where people worked at. Live, work and play, downtown LA. I may be speaking prematurely - but I can't see it yet. A friend told me it is being turned into another new york - or at least frisco. Call me pessimistic but I just can't see it happening yet. I can see why people would work here, which I've done. Play -- I would personally rather go somewhere else. There always seems to be something amiss with partying where you live. Live? I did for more than a year.... (more)

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A day at Photo LA 2007

By Ariel, published on Jan 21, 2007

...arrangements, photo la 2007 is a great immersion in the world of artistic photography. Visitors wander in the crowded corridors of the Civic Auditorium stopping at the numerous booths of galleries from all around the nation and some overseas exhibitors. The Cohen Amador Gallery from New York showcased several pieces from Jessica Todd Harper in odd family portraits where all the members seem perfectly still and perfectly arranged. Jessica and Her Jewelry by Ben Geist, presented by the Stephen Daiter Gallery from Chicago is an amazing portrait of an old lady with striking details.... (more)

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Welcome to BrooWaha New York

By Fantomas, published on Jan 19, 2007

Welcome! Thanks a lot for joining BrooWaha New York, your local newspaper. As you may know, BrooWaha is a platform that lets you express yourself, and get rewarded for your work. This reward is expressed in terms of what we call Popularity points. You can see how many points you have by having a look at your profile. Your popularity is measured according to numerous factors including the ratings other readers give your articles, the number of people reading them, and how significant and regular your contribution to the newspaper is. The more popular you are, the more weight you will be... (more)

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Childless? Uterus Transplants Coming to a Hospital Near You

By Alethea, published on Jan 18, 2007

...transplants have been almost unheard of until now. Although the first uterine transplant was completed on a woman from Saudi Arabia in 2000, it failed about 3 months later and had to be removed. There have been no further attempts for such a transplant, until now. Currently, doctors from a New York hospital are screening potential women to participate in what they hope will be the first fully successful uterus transplant. The most likely candidates for such an operation are women that have had their uterus damaged, or removed due to cancer and other problems. The interesting thing... (more)

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Volver or My Super Ex-Girlfriend?

By V, published on Jan 14, 2007

...superior taste and intellect to the mere rednecks around me (as I perceived it in my fourteen year old estimation). I was sent from an international school in Papua New Guinea, to a Catholic girls’ school in the city of Brisbane, Australia; Brisbane is to Sydney like Mississippi is to New York state. I refused to watch whatever movies were playing at the local multiplex cinemas, preferring to order the trickier-to-get art house, independent, documentary and foreign films. I did not watch most things American, certainly nothing mainstream (with the exception of a few John Hughes... (more)

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"Offensive", "WTF", "Who wrote this...?"

By D. E. Carson, published on Jan 14, 2007

...compared to the hateful, angry tone of the whole of the American press against the president or his administration. Adolph Hitler once said that in order to take over a nation, one needs only to take over the press. Once the press is yours, then like lemmings, the people will follow. The hatefulness of the Postal article was no different than that levied at President Bush by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and The Washington Post. These organizations simply hate President Bush, but unlike me, they aren't called, "hateful" and "disrespectful"...except by me. (more)

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What's in a name?

By Alethea, published on Jan 13, 2007 face when they change their names. In California, a husband who takes his wife’s last name must file a petition, pay a few hundred dollars, place a public notice in the newspaper and then appear before a judge. Currently, only six states (Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Iowa, New York and North Dakota) have statues that allow an equal process for either the wife or the husband to change their last name. Couples who want to hyphenate their names also have to endure this lengthy process. Thus, this is what led to Buday and Bijon to file a discrimination lawsuit against the... (more)

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Photo L.A. coming up in Santa Monica

By Ariel, published on Jan 12, 2007

...its numbers and popularity only continue to grow. In time, three other national fairs grew out of photo L.A.: photo Santa Fe was the first, enjoying a seven-year run until Stephen decided to shift his focus back to California and open photo San Francisco in 2000 . Then in 2004, photo New York was born. And in 2005 he created the wildly successful contemporary art fair, artLA, which in its debut year attracted over 5000 visitors to the Santa Monica Civic Center. " The 1 day pass costs $20 which is well worth it for over 50 exhibitors. The exposition website has the full list... (more)

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An Australia Day Showdown: Meat Pie Vs Hot Dog

By V, published on Jan 11, 2007

... 20th of January, in the lead up to the big day. It showcases all things Australian from food, wine, film, arts, lifestyle, trade and investment to indigenous culture and tourism. Events are scattered across the city (and country), with Bristol Farms in L.A. and San Francisco and Citarella in New York, having commenced displays and sampling of Australian wines, cheeses and other gourmet produce. The showcase commenced the 3rd of January and will finish on the 31st of January. There are myriad exhibitions, exhibits, trade days, shows and galas to attend for which tickets can be bought and... (more)

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