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BrooWaha New York launches

By Ariel, published on Feb 14, 2007

Dear Readers, It is my great pleasure to announce that your very own Broowaha is launching a New York edition and welcoming new contributors from the New York area! The new website for BrooWaha New York is: As a visitor from BrooWaha Los Angeles, you have access to most features on BrooWaha New York. You can read articles, leave comments, send messages, etc... The main restriction on visitors is that they can only publish articles in their city of origin. However, please feel free to browse the New York edition and support your fellow contributors from the east... (more)

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tsarfatit - The first Francophile Jewish Network

By mikewinsc, published on Feb 14, 2007

...connections, aka six degrees of separation. But if this theory is true for the 7 Billion people on the planet, we can be certain that no more than 3 people are needed to connect any one of the 15 Million Jews to any other. It only took one friend in common from Miami to connect Yoel from New York, to Mike in Chicago. Mike Benayoun had been living in Chicago for 2 years at the time, and 5 years in Los Angeles prior to that. He was very enthusiastic when reading Yoel’s email, as he had a similar idea in his mind for a while. That same day, he replied to Yoel suggesting that the... (more)

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Silly Season

By rickotine, published on Feb 12, 2007

...starts when presidential hopefuls start talking the talk until they finally file the requisite paperwork for an official run. With that said, Politicians from both sides of the political divide (the elephants and the donkeys if you please) have already started their tours of duty. New York's own Hillary Rodham Clinton - the Democratic front runner - has started the long, arduous task of getting back into a white house where she was the first lady for the best or in Mrs. Clinton's view the worse part of eight years. But, standing in Mrs. Clinton way is an articulate, eloquent and ... (more)

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All it takes is one: Africa Is Real

By Daniel Smajovits, published on Feb 9, 2007

...hope that his faith in the Jewish community was not blind. Months later, he has received a resounding voice of approval. "[The reaction has] been something that I could not have grasped or dreamed of in a million years,â" he said.  We've  gotten responses from an intern from MTV in the New York City to a mother in Boston whose son wants to raise money for us for his Bar Mitzvah project." When looking back at what was merely a dream only months ago, Roskies is still amazed how quickly the message has spread on campus and through the internet. "I started this not knowing if people... (more)

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You call yourself a writer?!

By DarleneRH, published on Feb 8, 2007

The list of "titles" goes on and on. Literally everyday in New York, creative folks transplant themselves into our shoebox-shaped railroad apartments to begin their career in some sort of creative or performing art. Hope runs high and money often runs low. In many cases, in order to afford both the rent for their sublet and the dollar menu at Wendy's, they have to take some sort of temp or waitressing job to even make it here long enough before they eat through their savings like a bear in a shopping mall. I am one of those people. Thankfully I’ve lived in NY for what I consider "long enough"... (more)

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The Oldest Newspaper in the World goes Web Only

By Steven Lane, published on Feb 8, 2007

... forty years, I have gotten up in the morning, brewed my coffee, then sat back and read the morning paper. True, it used to be the Los Angeles Times, but that was when I had go retrieve the often soggy issue from the prickly rose bush my newsboy seemed to love so much. Today, I find reading the New York Times version more to my personal taste, and of course, the fact that I read it for free is a bonus. Yes, I read it on the Internet and I read it for free. With a green logo of "Journalist, spare that tree". Writer Maury Breecher, proclaims that "experts say your local paper won't be printed ... (more)

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A Look Back at the History of Screenland

By Josh Marks, published on Feb 5, 2007

Culver City is going through a renaissance. New restaurants, bars, art galleries and cultural centers such as the Kirk Douglas Theatre, are garnering national attention. As recently as last Sunday the New York Times published a feature piece in the paper’s travel section on the resurgence of Culver City. With all the great ink the city has deservedly been getting, it is worth a look back at the roots of the place known for years as “The Heart of Screenland.” Harry Culver, a real estate entrepreneur from Nebraska, founded Culver City in 1913. He chose the area because of its ideal location... (more)

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Last Stop on the Line

By nycfashionista5, published on Feb 5, 2007

...Home.” Most of the men and women have diseases or disorders that do not allow them to fully comprehend numerous things that many people take for granted. The men and women that occupy the subway stations begin to believe it is there home or only option. Although there are shelters, New York State law allows for the homeless individual to choose whether they want to go to a shelter or leave the premises. Most choose to leave the area and later come back inside the subway station. This choice makes it easy for them to never really leave the subways and create a refuge. “A... (more)

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Shallow and Indecent? Bring it On!

By DarleneRH, published on Feb 1, 2007

I don't even (gasp!) like olives...and I have fat arms. There, I said it. Stop judging me, judgers! Moving right along...I still feel ultimately in awe of the hot young New York women who make "the scene" their nightly haunt. They stuff the teensy weensy pocket of their ripped-jean-minis with cab money, and make their way to the booming loud downtown bars. They arrive VIP-style, immediately planting their swooping mascara lashes at the bar next to a well-dressed and wealthy (or faking it) man who will buy them drinks and make small talk. Maybe even go home with them. Maybe they'll have... (more)

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Read This and I'll Buy You A Ticket to A Kings Game

By Peter Weinberger, published on Feb 1, 2007

... despite searches by security to get into the game, innumerable Detroit fans manage to sneak in an octopus and toss it on the ice when victory seems assured. Hockey is the ultimate team game. Wayne Gretzky, the greatest player ever, played for the Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and the New York Rangers, yet never won a championship with any of them. That's because it takes 20 guys --- scorers and grinders -- to win a hockey game. No one says "just give me the ball (puck)" unless he wants to get his lights punched out. Which brings up another point -- fighting. Yes, it is a part... (more)

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