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All You Can Eat Dodger Seats? I'm In!

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 26, 2007 and I was sick for three days. Then, of course, there’s the classic thing we do at baseball games called a “Babe Ruth.” This is where you eat one hot dog every inning. If the game goes into extra innings, you’re in big trouble. I know some guys back in New York who actually eat one dog every half inning, but that’s insane! In my younger days I could consume a lot of food and actually got ejected from a couple of those all-you-can-eat buffets. At one time I actually weighed 355 lbs! Man, was I fat! Now I’m down to around 270 and... (more)

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What the Hell is AMPAS Smoking?

By D. E. Carson, published on Feb 26, 2007

...the so-called “hockey stick” trend (which no doubt was invented by some hockey puck) that claims that man’s burning of fossil fuels has been the cause of our latest cycle of warm up. Just don’t try to sell the notion of “global warming” to the people of New York state who have been digging out from under several FEET of snow. In reference to the other outright lies proposed in An Inconvenient Truth: polar bears are not on a decrease. In fact, government resources claim that polar bear populations are actually on the rise. The so-called shrinking... (more)

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye Beavers Have Returned to New York City!

By Lainie, published on Feb 25, 2007

After a 200 year absence, it was reported this week that beavers, which grace New York City’s official seal, have returned to the Big Apple. More precisely, a beaver was videotaped swimming up the Bronx River this past Wednesday. “It had to happen because beaver populations are expanding and their habitats are shrinking, said Dietland Muller-Schawarze, a beaver expert from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. “We’re probably going to be seeing more beavers in the future.” Beavers held a prominent place in the city’s early days when fur... (more)

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Don't Throw Away Your Take-Out Menus Just Yet

By S. Manfredi, published on Feb 23, 2007

...for business today. From this we can only infer that other restaurants with similar problems are open to customers every day. This disgusting news blurb is enough to make an avid restaurant goers stomach roll over. There is no need to cancel your reservations, however. Every restaurant in New York is subject to Health Inspections, on a regular basis. The New York City Department of Health provides us with the results of these inspections, at no cost to the consumer. By following their link : , you can view the recent Health Inspection... (more)

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Welcome to BrooWaha San Francisco

By Urban Dweller, published on Feb 23, 2007

...find at the bottom of each article. You are the first users of BrooWaha San Francisco, the third BrooWaha edition we are launching. BrooWaha Los Angeles was launched in early September 2006, already counts more than a hundred contributors and has been featured in the LA Times. BrooWaha New York was launched a couple of weeks ago, and a number of other cities are scheduled to join the BrooWaha network in the coming months. Create your account and start using our writing interface today! Please spread the word, make your friends sign up and vote for your articles; it will... (more)

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City Life and the Loss of Privacy

By DarleneRH, published on Feb 22, 2007

In my humble opinion, New York City is one of the top places in the world where you can feel completely alone in a crowd full of people. I bet it ranks pretty high on the list too- right up there with junior proms, temp jobs, and Church. Thanks to our dependant use of mass transit, we lose the anonymity of waking up, heading to our cars, and driving alone to work everyday. If we're feeling sad, we don't get to burst out into tears without anyone noticing us. If we hear a song we like on our ipods, we don't get to sing off-key at the top of our lungs. Taking the subway, busses, or just walking... (more)

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Catcall Culture

By S. Manfredi, published on Feb 20, 2007

...straight. "Whoo, baby!" is not a pick-up line. Hoots, hollers, whistles, horn honking, and obscene comments do not make me, or anyone else, swoon. Yet every day, without fail, I watch dozens of men and women employ these tactics in their quest for companionship. Perhaps its the size of New York City that makes us comfortable enough to verbally rate any given person. There is a certain anonymity that cloaks the random catcaller, and allows him to feel safe in his rude behavior. In a city that’s constantly on the move, the chances of a catcaller seeing his victim again seem... (more)

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Child Stars to be Played by Dwarves Say Hwd. Execs.

By Limoge, published on Feb 18, 2007

...possess the temperament, age, and ability to hold down their liquor and survive Hollywood’s fast paced, eat them up and spit them out climate. We are doing this to spare any future Olsen twins the need to purge themselves of any unwanted calories and nutrients if their movie “New York Minute” surprisingly dies at the box office. We want to spare the future Haley Joel Osment the embarrassment of being at the top of his game at the tender age of nine years old and then a few precious years later being pulled over for a DUI while hiding some doobies in the glove... (more)

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BrooWaha Whips Into New York

By Fantomas, published on Feb 18, 2007

Mayrav Saar from Fishbowl LA (blog for media professionals in LA), wrote a short post about the launch of BrooWaha New York. Here it is: Our favorite homegrown citizen journalism site, BrooWaha, is expanding its reach to New York. FBLA wrote about the 6-month-old Web site when it first launched and noted founder/editor Ariel Vardi's desire for the site to be *the* super-local news spot of Los Angeles. While Old Media-types scoffed, Vardi quietly met his goals. On the site he writes: "I have personally noticed a significant increase in the overall quality of the writing on the website.... (more)

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Thanks...But No Thanks

By Lainie, published on Feb 14, 2007

Last week on CNN I saw that New York State Senator Carl Kruger wants to introduce legislation to ban the use of handheld devices (i.e. iPods, Blackberries, cell phones, etc.) on city streets. He cites the danger users face as they absentmindedly listen to an iPod or talk on a cell phone and walk straight into moving traffic. He mentioned there have already been three deaths in his Brooklyn district since September and in one instant bystanders screamed, “look out” but to no avail. Kruger wants offenders to be fined $100 for this transgression. "Government has an obligation to protect... (more)

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