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Amazon Crime

By natassa, published on Feb 13, 2008

I have relied on for my supply of books for as long as I can remember. Textbooks when I moved to New York for graduate school. Cookbooks when I moved in with a guy. Self help books when I broke up with another one. Amazon has been there for me in all the big moments in my life, knows my dirtiest secrets, is the first one to find out if I am going through a weird raw food or understanding men or understanding the universe phase, helps me sell some books when I am low on cash (that didn't go so well because last moment I would keep the books and refund the buyers), and... (more)

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By Hunter Addams, published on Feb 9, 2008

We all have our stories of low times and hard-ships. But no one wants to hear it, because we get up, we move on and we make it work. The ability of New Yorkers to wade through the crap that life spits at you is amazing, and many of them still seem to be able to keep a smile on their face. Life continues on, no matter what, and we all know it.

That's what keeps me here: The people in this city. They survive. We work hard, we earn our cut, and we keep our mouths shut about it too. I'm not talking about the select few that get to sit in a cute little office all day, sipping a mocha... (more)

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Cheaters Never Prosper

By Ed Attanasio, published on Feb 4, 2008

If football gods exist out there, they’re surely smiling today. The New York Giants, a team no one believed in, beat the New England Patriots yesterday in the Super Bowl by a score of 17-14. A boring game for three quarters, this one will go down in history as one of the best ever.

It will also be remembered as the day when the brash braggarts, the cocky prima donnas, the princes of the NFL, got their come uppance. If revenge is best served cold, yesterday was a chiller. Bill Belichick and his group of elite athletes were outplayed and overmatched. The king is dead. The dream... (more)

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More Than An Upset

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Feb 4, 2008

Everyone said it couldn't be done against the Patriots. That, it's impossible to beat Belichick, Brady, Moss, Maroney, the Patriots defense.

And in the end, they shocked the world, maybe even the universe.

The 2007 New York Giants can be defined in two ways, one of which more definite than the others.

They can be defined as "Road Warriors" as they went 11-0 on the road including the Super Bowl. The list includes a victory in London over the Miami Dolphins, andgoing 3-0 in the playoffs at Tampa Bay, Dallas and Green Bay, mainly thanks to their defense.

But the... (more)

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Super Bowl XLII: By A Dude Who Does Not Watch Football.

By Brain, published on Feb 4, 2008

There was rioting in the streets of New York last night, flocks of drunkards reportedly taking stripping in the streets, yelling and dancing. This is all a bit surprising to me though because there were no Giants fans at the Super Bowl party I attended last night, and there was only one guy rooting for the Patriots. Nobody in attendance really cared who won or lost. On one hand you had the Giants, a team of punks from New Jersey who pretend that they’re from New York. They have their own set of die hard fans commonly they are cheap beer swilling degenerates with no sense of... (more)

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A Giant Upset In Arizona

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Feb 4, 2008

The New York Giantsstarted the season0-2, the New England Patriots started 2-0. The Giants allowed 80 points in their first two games, thePatriots scored almost 80 points in their first two games.The Giantswere perfect on the road through the season, thePatriots were completely perfect through the season. The Patriots have not been to a Super Bowl in two years. The Giants won the Super Bowl onlytwo times.

The Patriots beat the Giants to go undefeated in week 17 at the Meadowlands as they beat them 38-35.

So, the Patriots should have no problem with the Giants again... right?

... (more)

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Another New York Upset?

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Feb 3, 2008

Injust less than24 hours from now, the New York Giants will take on the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII at Glendale, Arizona. The talks for the past two weeks haven't completely just been about the Patriots going 19-0, something unheard of in today's NFL, but have also been a lot about the underdog New York Giants pulling off one of the biggest upsets in sports today.

Being the underdog has been nothing new for the Giants throughout the NFC playoffs this year, mainly against the number three and two offenses in the NFL this season, Dallas and Green Bay repsectively.... (more)

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L.A. Peeps: Meet Mike Simmons, Singer-Songwriter

By M.J. Hamada, published on Feb 1, 2008

...why I cruised out to the East Coast. Met a lot of really good people who helped me get a career started out of it, you know.

MJ: Where were you on the East Coast, exactly?

MIKE: I started in Boston and went pretty much everywhere from Maine to Georgia. Boston and New York were my two spots. I had some friends at Berklee College of Music, and I’d always been infatuated with New York. Hung out there for a little bit, met some people, spent the majority of my time there, and then I also played in Philly, Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut.

MJ: Getting ... (more)

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The Insidious Nature Of Fear

By V, published on Jan 28, 2008

...all over the world will make a dig at the expense of Americans. Make light of it. The fact that people make fun of New Zealanders being not only out numbered by sheep but bedmates of said sheep also, hasn’t meant that you cannot locate hordes of them getting drunk in London, or Paris, or New York, or Berlin, or Delhi or Tokyo on any given day. So here’s a thought … if you’d actually all get your back packs on and get out there and represent within the global community, the rest of the world would see you in a different light. It can be inferred due to lack of participation that... (more)

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Prison Economy: Your Entitlement To Time In A Cell

By Crowings, published on Jan 24, 2008

... land one in Federal Prison must be significant variables, because including figures for state and local corrections facilities makes a big difference.

According to a 2006 Justice Department bulletin, 6.4% of all state and federal prisoners at midyear 2005 were non-U.S. citizens. A New York State DOC document about the impact of foreign-born inmates on the NYS Department of Corrections Services in 2006 reports that 36% of foreign-born inmates in New York State DOC were illegal alien and 54% of foreign-born inmates were from countries where Spanish is the dominant... (more)

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