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The Dangerous Liasons Of Client #9, And Other Morality Plays

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Mar 17, 2008

Here in myopic New York it is easy to assume that our news is yours, too, but let me start out by a little "factual" review: as of 1 pm today, Elliot Spitzer (D), New York's 54th governor, will be resigning in the wake of a scandal revealing his involvement in a prostitution ring. Amongst the facts revealed over the past week was that this vehemently moral crusader was largely responsible for the investigatory task force that ultimately did him in. It made me wonder if he didn't in part intend or hope for this to happen, as so many who find themselves in the unintended, human morass of questionable... (more)

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J. P. Morgan Announces Plan To Purchase Bear Stearns

By D. E. Carson, published on Mar 17, 2008 fine and that Bear Stearns has $17 million “in the bank” [2]. But who remembers the crash of 1987? Yeah, remember that? Everything was fine when we all went home that Friday night and on Monday morning October 19, 1987, stock markets all over the world were suddenly losing points – New York was no exception.

Anybody who invests in the stock market has to have some level of hubris in him otherwise, he’s a cheap wimp who’ll never amount to anything. But these fools looking at suing over the Bear Stearns sell out are whining, crying and whimpering because they think that ... (more)

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Billy Crystal: Actor, Comedian,... Yankee?

By Jeff Weisinger, published on Mar 13, 2008

The Yankees spring camp was turned into fantasy camp Thursday as comedian Billy Crystal, who signed a one-day contract with the New York Yankees on Wednesday, played his first and only game as the Yanks took on the Pittsburg Pirates at Legends Field.

Crystal, who celebrates his 60th birthday on Friday, wore number 60 and led off for the Yanks as the designated hitter. “I’m the D.H. — designated Hebrew,” Crystal said. “It doesn’t matter. I’m so jazzed. It’s the greatest thrill ever.”

Crystal, who was his high schools... (more)

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Interval Of Unadulterated Standards And Straight-ahead Jazz

By Kim, published on Mar 13, 2008

...One of the most wonderful aspects of Mr. Person's performance was his fantastic ability to draw the Jazz lover into the layers of the music. He created a delicious experince that captivated us through each piece.

Houston's soul connection was the incomparable musician from New York, Nancy Kelly. She joined the quartet expanding the pleasure using her vocal instrument filled with enchantment, enticing the audience.

Nancy performed "Don't worry 'bout me", "Sunday kind of love", "New York State of Mind", and an Anita O'Day/Roy Eldridge favorite, "Let me... (more)

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What Will Video Spygate Testimony Reveal?

By Ed Attanasio, published on Mar 11, 2008

...have made substantial progress toward and agreement that will allow Mr. Walsh to be interviewed. Both sides are optimistic that any remaining issues can be addressed successfully."

Monday's announcement contradicts comments made by Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, who told the New York Times that the NFL does not want to speak with Walsh.

Specter, who has been highly critical of the NFL's handling of the situation, wants Goodell to release letters exchanged between the league and Walsh's attorneys, according to a report in the Times.

Two days prior to Super... (more)

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In Memory Of Sammy...

By S. Vaughan, published on Feb 29, 2008

In memory of Sammy…

The year is 1929…vaudeville is hopping!!!! The Nineteenth Amendment had just been passed nine years before. World War I has ended. The ‘roaring twenties’ are coming to an end. But for one little boy from Harlem, New York, a new era was dawning in the entertainment world.

The curtains go up!!!! Little Sammy Davis, Jr. makes his debut. What a thrilling time!!! Little Sammy will go on to perform for more than five decades! In 1933 he played a part in the movie, Rufus Jones for President. He also was Sportin’ Life in the 1959 movie, Porgy & Bess. The... (more)

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Gray Lady Or Yellow Journalism?

By Amo, published on Feb 26, 2008

Sadly, this once giant of journalistic integrity, has sunk into an abased self indulgent and tawdry tabloid, driven now only by a skewed ideology.

However, it wasn’t always that way. I recall as a young man how I first became introduced to The New York Times and how I would debate the issues of the day and quote from its editorial pages. I remember my dad showing me how to master turning and folding those large pages, that seemed to go on and on forever, and of course a dictionary was always a good idea to have handy.

While New York City had several “hometown newspapers”, only... (more)

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Le Sang De Bhutto Sur Les Doigts De Musharraf ?

By J.N.PAQUET, published on Feb 26, 2008


Pervez Musharaf est devenu chef de l’Etat au Pakistan à la suite d’un coup d’Etat militaire en 1999. Ce militaire autoproclamé président a, depuis les attentats du World Trade Center à New York, été l’un des alliés de la Maison-Blanche les plus visibles dans la lutte contre le terrorisme. Musharaf avait alors trouvé en George W. Bush le moyen de paraître comme quelqu’un d’extrêmement respectable auprès de la... (more)

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A Tip From Hilary Duff

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Feb 14, 2008

...being remembered for the contribution to a great sport because it's hard work and determination.Oh, before I latest encounter was Hilary Duff. She's been coming to the building that I work at because the guy she's dating is Mike Comrie, a professional hockey player who plays for New York. He's a nice guy who tips me $20-$50 for opening either the lobby door or his Range Roverdoor. I chatted with Hilary on several occasions and I helped her out with heavy luggages in/out of her Mercedes G wagon when she visits. So here's my tip on Hilary Duff... She doesn't tip.A lot of the... (more)

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Online Shopping For A Boyfriend

By natassa, published on Feb 14, 2008

...a present.

I had my doubts about this online dating deal. Meeting people in person is always kind of magic but let's face it : This is L.A. and anyone who lives here knows it can get tough. I quote from L.A. Story : "Whatever you do, don't get dumped in L.A. I mean, it's not like New York, where you can meet someone walking down the street. In L.A. you practically have to hit someone with your car. In fact, I know girls who speed just to meet cops."

I can't even meet a cop as I don't even drive to get to work as I spend most of my time working off my computer off my... (more)

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