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The Wonders of the Automat

By Patricia Adams, published on Mar 15, 2012

My dad had a lifelong wish. He wanted to see New York City. His salary as a body and fender man in California in the Great Depression barely kept his family in food and shoes. A trip to New York City was a dream that was unlikely to happen.

By the time he was 72, and I was his caregiver, his dream had faded.

Then a miracle. My husband received a job assignment to Oneida, New York--upstate, but close enough!

The day we arrive in Oneida, my dad and my children begin planning for a summer trip to New York City. The children borrow books from the library and my dad sends for... (more)

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Eva and her spoiled Apple

By Eva Apple, published on Oct 13, 2011

...over”. Wow, I’m perplexed. Clearly I now have a room where no magic but only horror happens! Although magically I did receive a text from a potential website client the next minute; “Eva, I want to discuss something with you today”.

This client shows me good men DO exist in New York. Once drinking a cup of coffee in his office, he (Rob) tells me he needs to do business abroad for almost a month and he needs someone (me!) to look after his cats. His two cats are the queens of his enormous apartment in Upper West, where they will let me take care of them within five... (more)

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From Stonewall to Same Sex Marriages

By Barkha Dhar, published on Jun 18, 2011

In the history of American Gay Rights movement, Stonewall is and shall always be a legend in the pursuit for equal rights. The Stonewall uprising that took place for three endless days in the summer of 1969 in Greenwich village, New York was a protest for pride, and the beginning of a social revolution. At the time when civil rights and the feminist movement were gaining ground, the Stonewall revolt became the keystone for gay liberation and marked the dawn of ‘gay power.’ This year in June, the Stonewall revolution shall celebrate its 42nd anniversary and would once again remind us of the... (more)

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Beauty In Unlikely Places

By Lumiere, published on Jun 3, 2011

While sitting at a coffee shop, a soft voice politely asked if she could share my table. I obliged by moving over my cup of green tea and my newspaper. The young woman before me was very petite, dressed in a silk suit, and she had the most beautiful sea-green eyes. Immediately she attempted to hide half of her face with her hair, which had noticably been burned. She, having delt with peoples responses to her scars and appearence on a daily basis was waiting for my reaction, so I just smiled at her, "Don't hide your face, your beautiful. Own your beauty."

She sat down beside me a little... (more)

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Helping Others Begets Happiness

By Barkha Dhar, published on Oct 19, 2010

...that happiness is a treasure of the soul, which contagiously multiplies as we reach out to the helpless and the needy.

Most talented out of the bunch of these street children, Avijit who decade ago led a bleak life on the somber lanes of Kolkata (Calcutta), today is a budding artist at New York University’s Tisch School of Arts. His other street buddies too see a pie in the sky. Some of these children can fluently communicate in English today and are setting an example for others like them. Zana Briski’s ‘kids with camera’ that funds Avijit’s education in the US and of his... (more)

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N.Y. Tea Party Candidate Launches Attack On The Poor

By Paul Wylie, published on Aug 21, 2010

Mind boggling as candidates for office around the country have been so far during this election cycle, from Nevada's Sharron Angle to Kentucky's Rand Paul, none has gone as far as the Republican candidate for the Governorship of New York, Carl Paldino. Asked what his plans were to reduce New York's budget woes, Paldino stated that he would cut city services by twenty per cent, cut income taxes by ten per cent, and house recipients of government aid in underused prisons. Included in his lock up the poor plan are those who receive TANF benefits, Food Stamps, Medicaid, and S.S.I.

After... (more)

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Graphic Novel Review: DMZ – On the ground

By The Gaming Gentleman, published on Feb 21, 2010

...majority of US Forces were engaged in conflicts overseas and the lack of National Guard presence at home meant that, when the uprising began, huge weapons caches were poorly guarded in Barracks throughout the mainland and were scooped up by the Free States.

The stage for the piece is New York City, where neither side can gain an advantage, and so it has become a demilitarised zone (DMZ). The main protagonist of the piece is a photojournalist intern, Mathew “Matty” Roth, who is stranded in the DMZ after his news crew are killed in an attack shortly after arriving in Manhattan... (more)

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Another Dismal Dallas December

By Eric Karlan, published on Dec 16, 2009

... 13 games during the regular season against just 3 losses - of which 2 came in December against division rivals.

Already 2009 seems no different. As the clock struck midnight on December 1st, the Philadelphia Eagles were perched one game behind the first-place Cowboys, while the flailing New York Giants and their injury-ridden roster seemed to be down for the count. Two weeks and two devastating losses later, Dallas finds itself in familiar territory - drowning in the doomsdays of December, clinging onto the last NFC playoff spot for dear life.

Adding to this misery, the Eagles... (more)

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Interview With Robert Tuchman, Author Of "Young Guns"

By Novel Noise, published on Oct 11, 2009

... the Author When Robert Tuchman graduated from Boston University, Tuchman was quickly forced to abandon his dream of becoming a sports reporter. Applications to sports producers across the country were ignored and eventually he accepted a position as an investment advisor at Lehman Brothers in New York. Still wanting to break into the sports industry, he joined Sports Profiles after reading about them in Entrepreneur magazine, working out of his apartment selling sports magazine advertisements. Quickly realizing that everyone to whom he sold ads wanted the perks (tickets to games or luxury... (more)

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Half Father, Half Soldier

By Lumiere, published on Oct 7, 2009

If you walk past  Marble church at the corner of 29th and 5th avenue in New York City, you  cannot help but notice  the thousands of colorful- gold, blue and green ribbons hanging from the iron gates. These ribbons are symbolic prayers for peace and are significant because they each represent American service people and Iraqis who have lost their lives in the current war. When I stroll past these ribbons, I intentionally extend out my hand to touch the soft fabric, and plastic tags of the soldiers names.

Soldiers; fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, sisters, mothers, wives, daughters,Â... (more)

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