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New Biz BUZZ

By BusinessLife, published on Nov 10, 2010

... up-to-date with new ways to promote your company, along with your products and services. Additionally, keeping up with the latest technological advancements or useful gadgets, saving your business time and money is a never- ending battle.

So, here's what's happening in the world of new business ideas, what I call, "New Biz BUZZ," to keep you current and keep you thinking when it comes to growing your business success. All ideas may not be ripe and ready as they are to use for your business needs. But the concepts should give you something to think about and consider.

Map... (more)

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New Business Steps

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 30, 2010

Once you have defined your new business parameters, it’s time to gather your leads. And of course, you want to catch as many as you can to store them in a user-friendly database.

Selecting The Right Database Software For Your Needs: There are many from which you can choose. Some are free. Some come with a monthly charge and there are software packages you can purchase outright. The point I want to make is – do your research thoroughly and make sure your database is able to meet all of your needs to categorize leads by region, industry as well as print out reports that showcase... (more)

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Social Media: What Is It? PART THREE:

By BusinessLife, published on Sep 19, 2010

...for your review that include such companies as Sprint, American Express, Weight Watchers, Novartis, Intel, IKEA and on and on.

10. What do I need to get started?

I would consider reviewing all of the information and resources I have made available in this article as a start. The more you know, the better equipped you are to use the right social media resources for your company or to provide the right tools to your current and future customers.

For more information on business success, visit: Winning New Business and Growing Your Business Strategically


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By BusinessLife, published on Sep 14, 2010

For many in the advertising and marketing world, the word ‘edutainment’ is nothing new. Focused on growing business for clients, agency executives use the word “edutainment” to mean educating in an entertaining and engaging way. But if you haven’t heard of “edutainment” before, the word can be traced as far back as 1948 by The Walt Disney Company to describe the True Life Adventure series. (Source:

Edutainment has been a strategy used as part of many a marketing plan. Today, it’s making a comeback through social media. Think about it. The very communication... (more)

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