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Fifth-Grade Students Get a Head Start in Tech

By Erin Murtaugh, published on May 20, 2014

Describing Felicisimo Andrion as a typical fifth grader may actually offend him. This is made evident by the Windsor knotted tie he wears to school every day. He sports a techie D.J. look - button up and untucked collared shirt, dark jeans, sneakers, and black rimmed rectangular glasses.

Video games and technology are always on his mind. Felicisimo dreams of becoming a computer engineer, but he doesn’t want to work for anyone. He wants to be his own boss, taking on clients who need his expertise to build software and hardware for their companies and projects.

He already has a... (more)

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Losing Is A Team Sport

By Deborah Horton, published on Nov 28, 2010

It seems that most people want to blame Boise State's loss last night vs Nevada on the Boise State kicker. Yes, he missed 2 chip shot field goals, but he didn't lose the game. Not by himself. Losing is a team sport.

Boise State had Nevada down 24-7 at one point. They had played the game they played all year. Get a big lead early. Have the defense hold the other team down. Manage the clock. It looked as if Boise had this game well in hand. Nevada couldn't get anything going it appeared. But then it was halftime and Nevada obviously made some big adjustments. They came out and... (more)

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Sharron Angle Says US Towns Under Sharia Law

By Libdrone, published on Oct 8, 2010 in the United States deserve more than a little pity. Political advertisements-- for and against candidates and ballot questions dominate the airwaves to the point that non-partisans and partisans of every stripe can agree that they are quite sick of hearing about it. But pity the poor Nevada voter. Incumbent Senator Harry Reid clearly is no great prize. It seems as though much of Reid's energy and talents went into promoting himself as his party's leader in the Senate and some Nevadans may legitimately feel that he quite forgot who brung him to this dance. And then there is... (more)

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Nevada: A Consumer Hostile State

By Joan Westin, published on Dec 2, 2009

A notorious reputation of intimating people and filing harassment charges against the people who stand up and speak out against corrupt corporations and immoral or illegal behavior only lasts so long before people rightfully snap and fight back. In the 1980’s, Nevada had such poor regulation of securities that it was known as the Securities Fraud Capital. Now it’s the Mortgage Fraud Capital due to the deficient regulation and enforcement by the Nevada Real Estate Division, Nevada Mortgage Division, and the Nevada Attorney General, as well as its corrupt judges, which I understand from... (more)

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Politicians Are Paid To Represent All Citizens

By Speedbump, published on Aug 30, 2009 feel deep chagrin at failure and defeat, to feel shame at public humiliation, and to feel pride in achieving goals, overcoming obstacles and solving problems. It is human nature to have divided impulses and to be dissatisfied even in the midst of success.When I first moved to Northern Nevada, I started out reading the Reno News & Review, where I developed a fondness for Dennis Myers and Barbano. Myrna the Minx and Reno Citizen were the first Reno Blogs I started with. Then Vote Gibbons Out and now I also follow this Reno Broowaha blog as well as Reno Exposes which this blog... (more)

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