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Tips To Get Beyond Small Talk

By Karthik Selvaraj, published on Dec 10, 2013

Isn’t life mostly about social interactions?

We meet new people everyday, sometimes every hour. And it becomes vital that we have the ability to communicate with these new people. While most of us are comfortable meeting others from shared backgrounds and cultures, we do not have that luxury in the real world. The folks we get to interact with have diverse walks of life, which is exactly what makes life fun.

To make such interactions fun and easy, I would like to share some techniques that I picked up a few years ago and found hugely beneficial:

- Small talk after... (more)

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For get the logic, we are marketing for!

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jul 3, 2012

There are many ways we can market our products, we have a marketing funds for advertising and how to utilise it very effective. All businesses are faced with this problem. Not enough days in the hour, and many of them being non productive in the office you will see.

Many of your workers around you are on facebook, yet it is a numbers game within the marketing. If the contacts on facebook for employees of massive companies have there own ability to lead generate, communicate with there potential clients.

These the sales team, yet within warehouses many people have facebook.... (more)

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Don’t Let Quirky Profiles Brew At Broowaha

By Barkha Dhar, published on Aug 11, 2011 most read article on Broowaha. I have no doubt to confer that Madam Caio is the same as those other weirdo’s who made fake profiles at Broowha just to deliberately tinker with my articles.

Further, the bewildered motives of Madam Caio pan out the cue to her deeds. She may be a networking engineer who perhaps is using her professional skills imprudently. There are certain things that appear to be common between Madam Caio and the person who likes to send bots using absurd search words on my blog (Barkha Dhar’s Blogs On Social Issues). This person likes to use IP addresses... (more)

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