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The Humble Moon Walker

By Randy Mitchell, published on Sep 16, 2012

On a summer evening in July of 1969, Neil Armstrong placed his left, then his right foot on the surface of the moon humbly saying, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” Words which will forever be etched in history books and minds of all who heard them across the airwaves. Armstrong was our generations, Christopher Columbus, a true hero, and a man who surprisingly retired and walked into anonymity only two years after his historic flight. He often said in interviews that none of what he did “was about him, that he was only the tip of the arrow”, referencing the 400,000... (more)

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One Small Step-Neil Armstrong and 'Confluence'

By neil6, published on Sep 2, 2012

Neil Armstrong's recent death brought the world's focus back to the first steps taken by one man, and by logical extension all of mankind, outside of our planet on July 20th, 1969. This is forever enshrined in our history. Now what does it possibly have to do with the theme of this Lesson of posts, known as 'Confluence'? Well this serves as an ideal opportunity for me to look at the next aspect of 'Confluence' and that is having shared time with others in projects, adventures and the like. However long their duration, you are closely relating to usually a small group, for sometimes a very important... (more)

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Full Body Naked Scanning

By Yvonne de la Vega, published on Oct 28, 2010

Full Body Naked Scanner

A Samurai,

Neil Armstrong

a Jedi Knight

and Tony Robbins

were all directed

toward the gate each

ordered to step

through the

naked body scan

strip his self of every


before he entered to

grasp the steering wheel

of one thousand lives

the lives of his family

his ancestry

his indigene

the lives of countrymen

country women

children and diplomats.

the lives of a graduating class on their

study of... (more)

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