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Letting Go and Finding Peace

By Barbara MacDonald , published on Mar 26, 2013

...very interesting, although we think it is anger we feel, in reality it is perhaps hurt. That is the thing about emotions, they can blend and being totally honest with ourselves to get to the core of what we are feeling can be confusing. This is a very hard process when we are talking negative emotions, which we do not want to acknowledge to ourselves, let alone someone else.

Powerful emotions like love, regret, anger, grief, fear, hopelessness, helplessness, disgust, sorrow, jealousy may be associated with a particular event. Because of this, it is even tougher... (more)

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Power in the Language!

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 7, 2012

Many people never listen to themselves. Have you noticed. They are so negative always dwelling on the negative parts of life.

It is so important when you decide to be positive in your own life that your body language, thoughts and language to others or even your own dreams are all positive.

People are amazed at my positivity however it is not just about being positive. By being sure, you have exerted with your own confidence you haven't weighed anyone else down with your problems. They are still there. Like I have problems however I haven't found a problem that I haven't... (more)

Tags: positive, negativity, listen, negative, subconscious mind, power of the language, automapping, believe in yourself, be you, problem

Drug user, how he beat the habit....

By Jennifer Stone, published on Jun 2, 2012

Having been living with the drug addicts you do see how they see life. Fun, well they think lying on a bed zonked out full of drugs is good. Well I don't call that fun, when you see them in the foetal position. For many drug users they spend their last money all on drugs.

How they con people out of money, walking up to them promising them to bring back drugs to just fix themselves up with the drugs... Then they never go back, free drugs they look at well they have just stolen money, bought an illegal drug and hiding whilst they take the drugs. Is this life.... A drug user thinks... (more)

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Those Thoughts Again

By D. Sager, published on Feb 20, 2012

...wasn’t always me. I didn’t ask for that situation or do anything wrong. But still the shame persists. A constant nagging burning feeling that makes me feel less than, less than anything. It burns through all my identities, creating a self hating monster inside of me. I can't stop the negative thoughts about me. About how I look, about how others must see me, about how I am, about how I behave. It takes away my feeling of safety. I'm no longer comfortable in my skin. How can I forget it? It comes at me when I'm unguarded. Driving down the road, in the middle of a party, walking... (more)

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