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Unholy Nexus

By Uttam Gill, published on Apr 7, 2012

...the reaction of ordinary people.

The dramatic tendency of their reaction indicates a calamity of thoughts that over time appears to typically degenerate to extreme subservience, to faceless accussations, yet powerful lobbies of corruption.

The captivated audience of this great nation, who also happens to be custodians of the democratic values of our country, is being subjected to an orchestration of the kind the likes of which this country has never witnessed. We are experiencing a phenomenal degeneration. Contained within each headline and the degenerative reaction by the ... (more)

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Thou shalt not - Yes you should!

By D. Sager, published on Mar 2, 2012

...not kill. Really? Do you know that your very freedom to worship rests on the blood of many honorable and/or religious men who laid their lives on the line and killed to give you the choice to intellectually subject me to your guilt ridden standards. You should kill to protect your family, your nation, your freedom. I can go on and show that for every “thou shalt not” there is a circumstance in life that dictates you should.

Double standard? No, I see a higher standard. Wisdom is skillfully applied knowledge, knowing the rule is not good enough for practice of the same. Obviously... (more)

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