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The Selfie is another form of Narcissism

By Shane Joseph, published on Apr 22, 2014

...sometimes in the most unglamorous of states, and put them up on social media for all to see.

The barrage of protests that I got had a common thread. The protestors could not understand why it was so bad to indulge in this practice. Some did not know the meaning of the word “narcissism.” “Everybody is doing it, so why not I?” was a common protest; my counter, “And if everyone is jumping off a cliff, why not you?”

On deeper reflection, I realized that they were probably right. Everyone wants to be noticed, so why not they? And in this info-crazed universe... (more)

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Are You Dating a Narcissist?

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jun 27, 2013

For whatever reason, narcissism has become much more common in today's society. We could place the blame on the pampered Hollywood celebrities, corrupt politicians, greedy CEO's, or cocky sports figures we watch on TV. After all, they're who society sees as role models every time we hit the remote control. But, should their self-entitled actions spill over to all of us? Especially inside our love lives? To read the rest of this article, and others, go to It's an all-inclusive dating resource site whose experts dispense wisdom on 'all things dating' through how-to-articles,... (more)

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Don't let yourself be blinded by those mirrors in the room..

By Lartinos, published on Oct 9, 2012

...of their accomplishments.These people often use the word “I”, but rarely speak in terms of a group by using the word “we”, as they could care less about anyone else in all actuality. In an interesting but possibly not shocking research showed that since the advent of social media narcissism is on the rise in the United States. A study found a link between narcissists and their activity on facebook as they were doing excessive activities such as tagging themselves and also having large amounts of “friends” on facebook.

By now you probably have identified people in your ... (more)

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All About Me

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 10, 2010

...For some of them, if they have to expend any effort they feel it's some kind of punishment. Everything they want in life should just magically materialize and you should be happy to provide it. If you stray from the constant me, me, me of their lives well you are just selfish and mean. Narcissism is their life. It is all they know. Unfortunately, it will also shape what kind of adult they become.

A recent study came out that said kids brains are not fully formed until around age 30. I had thought it was at around age 25, hence my narcissism beliefs. However, it appears that ... (more)

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