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Why I Ditched the D.C. Football Team and Became a Ravens Fan

By Josh Marks, published on Dec 2, 2013

When Washington football team owner Daniel Snyder was quoted in USA Today as saying he would NEVER change the name of the franchise that is a dictionary-defined racial slur, I posted on my Facebook page that I would NEVER root for my hometown team until the racist name changes and that until then I would become a Baltimore Ravens fan.

So I gave up the burgundy and gold for the purple and black. RG3 for Flacco. A soulless suburban stadium in Landover for the friendly confines of M&T Bank Stadium in downtown Baltimore. Dysfunction for class. Perpetual losing for a Super Bowl ring.... (more)

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Why the Washington Football Team Should Change Their Racist Name

By Josh Marks, published on Feb 12, 2013

Momentum is building to change the offensive and outdated name of the Washington football team. Whenever the name change comes up many fans throw out labels like "PC liberals" and "guilty white people"; or they will find obscure historical references to argue the name has positive meaning; or they will cite a Sports Illustrated survey that found the majority of First Nation people like the name, except that study was done more than ten years ago, before the country elected and then re-elected the first African-American president amid shifting racial attitudes; lastly, some of those who defend... (more)

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