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Seeing What Isn't There

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 18, 2013

I went out yesterday afternoon to the back of my property to get the memory cards out of my two trail cams that are back there. It was also a time for me to replace the batteries since they were going on being a month old. I usually grab the memory cards about once a week, but then it just depends on how much activity is going on back there. I have them set on on my path facing each other about 50 yards apart. There is one set just before the drop off to go down to the creek which faces the house and the other is up the path facing down towards the creek itself. The picture above is from the... (more)

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Dec. 22/2012: 'Tis a Gift To Be Simple

By melanie jean juneau, published on Dec 22, 2012

Why are we so quick to latch onto pronouncements from prophets or ancient societies that give us a heads up on the future? Each time a doomsday warning snatches the top spot in the news media many of us are sure that this time we know the exact date of our death. It seems we would rather have bad news than no news at all.

According to one of the most famous men to have ever lived, Jesus, no one knows the time and date of the end of the world. He also had a direct line to the God, only saying or doing what He saw his Father in heaven doing.

So why do we want to know the date of... (more)

Tags: mystery, end of the world, human's want control

Gary Starta is the Author of Demon Inhibitions and Blood Web

By Wrp68, published on Aug 20, 2012

Gary Starta is a former journalist who studied English and Journalism at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. His love for science fiction compelled him to write his first novel What Are You Made Of? published in 2006. Inspired by Isaac Asimov, the science fiction novel focuses on intelligent artificial life and whether sentient androids should possess the same rights as humans. The androids in Starta's novel are created as hybrids - part machine, part human - further blurring the line between human and machine. Starta foresees a near future where humans will be forced to decide if intelligent... (more)

Tags: romance, ebooks, fantasy, mystery, suspense, sci fi, indie author

Firewall to a Farewell

By p.d.adams, published on Mar 29, 2012

It should have been an ongoing no go, a seafaring from afar, lasers adrift with one passive eye at the watch, the other barely containing her furions, the most furious of ions.

Her impersonal inferred, infrared photon network continues to shine a light on known knowledge in breathtaking breakthroughs. She grows a leaner, cleaner hunger for far places, the ones that remain as nameless bounty, uncharted beauty.

She is surprised by her laser, to a certain point, as she comes upon an image of memory.

Is it an invention? An old war field? An arrangement of a bout between …what?... (more)

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The Fall - The abyss calls my name

By D. Sager, published on Mar 17, 2012

...fell. Deep. Down a dark hole. Some call it love, some call it hell. I prefer a nomenclature of a different sort, abyss. I keep falling, there is no bottom, no end. I throw up ropes hoping they catch on ledges of sanity as I slip past in a free fall. There is no reason, no understanding of this mystery, and still I fall. Controlling my fall is a crazy act of futility. I spin, float, and turn. Why? When I see her, my soul feels the wind of my descent. This is a good thing? I stood on the solid ground once. I don't recall being happy in that place. Spinning out of control, I find contentment... (more)

Tags: mystery, lover, security, reason, wind, bottom, end, dark, crazy, abyss, descent, futility, hole, plunge, slain, solid

Kenneth Hoss is the Author of Storm Rising

By Wrp68, published on Mar 8, 2012

Storm Rising – A Kelli Storm Novel takes place in and around the 33rd Precinct of the NYPD in Washington Heights, NYC. Detective Second Grade Kelli Storm became a Police Officer to follow in her father’s footsteps, a Detective with the 34th Precinct, who was murdered twenty-one years earlier. During the course of a murder investigation, she finds an unexpected link to her father’s killer. During the course of investigating several murders, Kelli shoots and kills the daughter of a retired Drug Kingpin. Soon her life is threatened, her mother kidnapped and her partner and his wife are killed.... (more)

Tags: police, detective, mystery, suspense, thriller, ebook, homicide, nypd, murder investigation, kelli storm

Paul Anthony Pens Espionage Thrillers and Murder Mysteries

By Wrp68, published on Jan 8, 2012

PAUL ANTHONY has written a number of fictional novels and a collection of poetry which appear in Print, Amazon Kindle, Apple ipad, and PDF download format. Apart from being a Goodreads author, he is also an Amazon author and a 'smashwords' author appearing in multiple download formats. In the past he has been published by a Vanity House and a Traditional Publishing House. He is currently an independent self publishing author with a store front on the 'Lulu' website. He has written both television and film scripts either on his own, or with the award winning screenwriter, Nick Gordon. Paul Anthony... (more)

Tags: literature, author, mystery, suspense, thriller, kindle, espionage, murder mystery, ebook

Argos: Outbound, Chapter 8

By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Dec 9, 2011


MilCom followed the probe’s progress as it approached the unidentified vessel. While the distance was considerable, the data stream was clear and unobstructed. The visuals were still quite dim, but enhancements helped sharpen the feed significantly. The robotic probe was sending data from all sensors, and one thing that was clear almost immediately was what appeared to be a total lack of energy signature from the vessel. Within about ten minutes of visual range of the probes digital scopes, the shape became more apparent.

The vessel appeared to be about three thousand meters... (more)

Tags: mystery, probes, alien craft

The Enchantment of All Creatures

By Cielo, published on Oct 8, 2011

...exotic pure-white flowers appear and bloom all night through the following morning. In midsummer, beautiful, intricate, spidery flowers would dance under the moon naked as summer geraniums and delphiniums applaud and sing and dance along with the tall roses and the gladiolus... Ah yes, it's mystery at its best, it's enchantment... it's the underworld aglow at your very feet! But the best part of it all is always the pivotal moment when the night fairies make their entrance...

They are a perennial favorite, no garden parade would be complete without inclusion of the fairies...... (more)

Tags: fantasy, mystery, garden, imagination, creatures, enchantment, dusk, evening

Halloween Howl Mystery Book Seven

By Yvonne Wu, published on Aug 18, 2011

I wrote my first book, Starless Sky at age 15 and published it in January of 2010. My second book, Seven, was published February 2011.

Whenever I write a book, it has to be something that I would want to read if I picked it up from a shelf. Seven is unique and it makes you think. It has suspense and thrill, romance and friendship, and characters that readers can relate to. The story slowly crescendos and then goes out with a bang. “We are all born with profound greatness, as immense as the sea. Every day is a choice on whether or not we live up to our potential.” The rest of the book... (more)

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