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On Kenneth's Anger: The AsianWeek Blunder

By The Dez, published on Mar 1, 2007

...tell you. And like I tell those newer comics I meet, keep writing. So I guess I should preface the following story by saying that I have plenty of friends who are.. ah fuck it. Here's a bunch of reasons... WHY I HATE ASIAN WEEK (And definitely not Asian people!) By the Dez Peon of Myspace February 27 2007 11:00 PM *Food section's recipe for Moo Goo Gai Pan actually a formula for Napalm. *Called Asian Week but issues sit on shelves for years. Should be called Dust Monthly. *Staff photojournalists perpetuating the myth that Asians love... (more)

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The Mars Volta in L.A. in April

By Ariel, published on Feb 19, 2007 of the psychedelic rock band will be able to get a seat there. That's not a lot so be sure to buy your ticket as soon as possible when they go on sale sometime this weekend. There should be more information about this on towards the end of the week. The Mars Volta released their last album 'Amputechture' , a mix of progressive rock, latin and jazz influences, on September 12th 2006. Their previous albums De-loused in the Comatorium and Frances the Mute have been critically acclaimed. For more information, go to or (more)

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By Steven Lane, published on Feb 13, 2007

...of just, dry as toast, reporting with an occasional letter to the editor to excite oneself, news gathering and reporting is becoming part of a dialog process. News is about to transform into a "one world" discussion about anything and everything. According to the Ventura Star Free Press article of 2/12/07, "KFTY's switch is an ambitious experiment in "citizen journalism", mainstream media's equivalent of user-generated content at YouTube and Ventura County Star Free press... Sonoma West Times & News/Barry W. Dugan... Golis... (more)

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God Gave Rock n Roll to Him

By V, published on Dec 19, 2006

...on his way. Check out his fantastic new album, 'Tell the People' that features an all star line-up of Nels Cline (Wilco), Greg Leisz (Beck, Joni Mitchell), Dave Palmer (Air, Fiona Apple), Tim Luntzel (Bright Eyes, Nora Jones, Emmylou Harris), Tim Young (the Youngs, David Sylvian) and Branden Harper. The boy from OZ is a long way from home and realizing his dream with his own two hands. You have to take your hat off to that! You can keep up to date on gigs and hear tunes at: You can buy CDs on-line at: or at Amoeba Records, LA (more)

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Myspace: outer space, out of place, or in taste?

By maceo manhattan, published on Nov 20, 2006

Fox interactive media made headlines a year ago when it announced its half a billion dollar purchase of Myspace. Industry analyst estimate that there investment has doubled if not tripled thanks to aggressive marketing leading to more corporate sponsorship and a base of members that exceeds 125 million. Having been a member on and off for two years now, I constantly question my motives and the motives of Fox. Is Myspace truly your myspace or is it your space? Opening the Myspace webpage is like walking thru an x-rated virgin of Times Square in earlier morning hours. There are a plethora of dating... (more)

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More Press for 'Borat'

By C. Reagan, published on Nov 11, 2006

...into drinking while at University, especially when offered screen time or publicity to spread the word about my thoughts on the world. The boys have remained anonymous for now, with "Borat" being widely released this week, I'm sure it won't be long before they are identified on YOUTUBE or MYSPACE. Unless you've been living under a rock, it's likely that you've heard how drop dead funny this movie is. Regardless of any lawsuits, go see the film and grab a few extra napkins from the concessions stand. You will laugh yourself to tears and gasp in horror, not only at drunk frat boys,... (more)

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New Kid On the Block: Is BrooWaha The Answer to LA's Newspaper Woes?

By Ariel, published on Nov 5, 2006

...Q: If people essentially "vote" for articles, is this really a social networking site for the blogger-set? A: Social networking is not one of the main goals of BrooWaha and I took particular care when designing the website to keep it from becoming another vain attempt at reproducing what MySpace is today. If people want to use BrooWaha to meet bloggers, journalists, writers, etc, in addition to interacting with the site as a newspaper, more power to them. However, I don't think it will ever be primarily a social networking site. People will go to BrooWaha to read news articles and... (more)

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The Golden Boys Of Orange County

By Caitlin McGuire, published on Nov 3, 2006 an office, we show up and play guitar.” Devitt adds, “Dance now because you never know when you’re going to die.” After a long intermission, Great Glass Elevator took the stage, behind a white curtain, on which they projected the video they had been advertising on myspace, the popular website, since early September. Allegedly, their lead singer’s brain was taken out of his skull by an evil scientist, and implanted into a Frankenstein-like creature, composed of Freddie Mercury’s moustache (which later fell off, which was “okay,”... (more)

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The Art of the Garage Sale

By Alethea, published on Oct 30, 2006

...specific big items you want to get rid of as well as a general sale listing. A lot of people scan through the sites looking for specific items, so if you have a lot of specialty items (like a lot of anime), you should definitely put up several posts indicating special items. Craigslist and Myspace seemed to be the most prolific in terms of attracting people to the sale, more so than the Recycler and Pennysaver. -- Signage – Besides advertising, putting up garage sale signs is a must. A large part of the traffic will be due to those people that wander around looking for garage... (more)

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Mark Z. Danielewski in Westwood this Tuesday

By Ariel, published on Oct 14, 2006 The bottom margin contains upside-down text which is the last pages of the opposite volume. If you open the book on Hailey's side, you will then read the beginning of her story and the end of Sam's. Only Revolutions, has been nominated for the 2006 National Book Award for fiction. The winner of the award will be announced on November 15th, in New York City. The complete address of the Borders is 1360 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles. The event will start at 7pm. To learn more about Danielewski, go to or visit his myspace page at  (more)

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