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Jimmy Doyle

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Mar 16, 2008

...paid my respects. I think he was glad to see me. His resting place is grave 12, lot 469, section N.

He is sharing a grave with his mother, Marie, who passed away in 1973.

Please check out the Jimmy Doyle Tribute page that is set up in his honor. There are some great pictures there.

Jimmy Doyle had an impressive record of 43 wins 7 losses 3 draws, (14KO). A total of 53 bouts in his short career. I'm sure that he would have been a champion somewhere down the road. He was only 22 years old.






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Loose Logic: Commercial Hip-hop Is Missing Originality

By Gary Schwind, published on Mar 10, 2008 You know on MTV they have that commercial, “You can get this song.” They have a song for this person who doesn’t even get radio play. They’re making all their money with downloads and ringtones.What would you be doing if you weren’t making music?Well, I was always into art. I used to draw. I was actually where I wanted to go with my art before music came about with me. maybe pursue graphic art. I used to want to be a cartoonist, so probably something like that.

For more information about Loose Logic, visit


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The Rushes.... Juste A Ne Pas Manquer !!!

By marie, published on Mar 7, 2008

...fin mars à Londres... très bonne idée de soirée après une longue journée de shopping londonien....

Et pour finir la petite histoire, ils sont très sympas... après le concert, la soirée a continué chez les parents de Joe à Colchester pour une seconde partie toujours musicale qui a rendu cette petite ville anglaise beaucoup moins ennuyeuse !!!!

Voilà donc à découvrir et dites moi ce que vous en pensez!!!!


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All Music Should Be Free

By nhemerson, published on Mar 6, 2008 scene murder my dreams under its bloody axe of superficial, oversaturated crap? Let's just say music is back to being a hobby. But one thing I found through all of it was the power of the internet and marketing.

Flash-forward to today and we can see this concept in full swing. MySpace is the "Come listen to our new CD!" capitol of the world, there are more places to put your band's music then I can even comprehend and iTunes is the all ruling god of it all. Still, there is a lacking element of today's internet music marketing. The shit is still for sale.

If I learned ... (more)

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Advertising: So Evil It's Good

By travelingseth, published on Mar 5, 2008

...I’ve begun to love them. But I don’t think so. As far as I can see, there are at least three good reasons to embrace advertising. At least internet advertising anyway.

It’s getting good enough to suggest things I might actually want. Example: I was recently on my myspace profile when I noticed a google Adsense ad for Bill Hicks ringtones. For those of you not in the know, Bill Hicks was a hugely influential, underground comedian from the late eighties/early nineties, who happens to be one of my favorite comedians. I wouldn’t be so impressed if... (more)

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Neverwonder: The Beach Meets The Cornfield

By Gary Schwind, published on Mar 3, 2008

...gotta be on the sleeve.(AR) People will be like, “What does that mean?”People don’t have to get it.(VR) It will take deep thinking.(MB) It’s all right. We’re deep people.(VR) Ooooh! I like that! We’re deep.You have quite a few honors listed on your Myspace page. What’s the most gratifying accomplishment or recognition you guys have received?(MB) Megan Bobo joining the band. (laughs)Extraordinarily gratifying.(VR) That was the one.Next question.(VR) Yeah, right! Why do you even have to ask? You know. We’ve been doing this for a while. ... (more)

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Let There Be Bon

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Feb 29, 2008 I met them in 1977. It's also hard to believe no one has ever used the title Let There Be Rock for a book before. That alone is divine intervention! I simply can't imagine my life without their music or their friendship. You can get more information about Susan and her book, at, and

Several years ago I got a tattoo to commemorate Bon's honor. That's my tribute to the man! I showed a picture of my tatt00 to Susan and she said "Great tat! It looks very cool!" Thanks Susan!!!!



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Bunny Bravo: Burlesque Is Not Stripping

By Gary Schwind, published on Feb 26, 2008

... went back we noticed we didn’t enjoy the shows as much. It was really her that was pulling us there. She is the embodiment of burlesque, she’s very entertaining to watch. Exotic World title-holder, Queen of the Quake. She oozes sex, and burlesque, and confidence. I started talking to her on Myspace, and she decided to teach a class. So I was one of the first to take a class from her. I’m really privileged I did because she shortened the classes and upped the price on it. I feel like I got a lot for the money out of it. I missed performing. I’ve always enjoyed it. When I worked at... (more)

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The Young Voter Myth

By Tina Dupuy, published on Feb 21, 2008

...of 72.4%.

And let’s not forget the 2004 youth vote. “Vote or Die!” The word ‘blog’ was being used by pundits for the first time. Howard Dean and had excited the youth vote and there were more young people energized by an election since 1972! It was exciting! MySpace had just blown Friendster out of the water and grass roots had taken hold on this thing called ‘the internets’. What happened? Less than half (46%) of the youth voters turned out – way below national average of 61% of that year. And we re-elected a man that was nearly killed by eating a... (more)

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Cowboy Soul Filmed For Documentary During Black Historymonth

By dmysteryman, published on Feb 20, 2008

... cultivating a vision that crosses ethnic and musical lines, hoping to bring Country music to a wider audience," concludes Mann. the group's most recent CD release is "MIKE MANN PRESENTS...COWBOY SOUL."

"Cowboy Soul sounds like a knee-slappin, tear-in-your-eye good 'ol time," wrote Libby Molyneaux of the L.A WEEKLY. "(Vocalist) Mike Mann and company blend vintage soul and kickin' beats with their country, making for an irresistable, on-your-feet good time, " opines the PASADENA WEEKLY. For more about Cowboy Soul, log onto or visit


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