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Mirella Caldera: We Are All From The Same Cosmic Soup

By Gary Schwind, published on Jun 21, 2008

Mirella Caldera is a South American model living in Los Angeles. She has been featured in the Playboy Cyber Club's Hottest Girls of MySpace 2007. She will be featured in Lowrider Magazine in August 2008. She spoke openly about her interest in philosophy, moving between South America and the States, and her trips to an orphanage in Mexico. You describe yourself as an Alpha student of life and philosophy. What kind of philosophies to you like to study?

An ‘alpha student of life and philosophy’ means that I am a constant learner. I want to know about everything and... (more)

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Andy Walo: Do Your Own Thing

By Gary Schwind, published on Jun 18, 2008

... music?That changes from period to period. If I didn’t play music, I’d probably be in the military. That’s something that’s always been really strong for me. My dad was a submarine captain in the Swedish Navy and maybe he passed it along to me. I’m a World War Two fanatic, I love history. I’m very interested in history and wars. I’d probably be running around with a gun somewhere. Luckily, I have my guitar now and I feel I can do more good with that.

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It's Just The Internet, Right?

By Christopher Gibson, published on Jun 1, 2008

...and EBay even help you to find a job, sell that couch you just can’t stand anymore, or even find somebody to trade or barter items or services with.

The internet is also full of places where people gather to come together to share their common interests and help others. Websites like MySpace and Facebook allow people to show the world who they are and help reunite long lost friends. There are also thousands of forums devoted to everything from scrapbooking to motorized bicycles.

The majority of the people that frequent the internet forums and such are usually civil and... (more)

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Slimtones, Meet The Slimtones

By Gary Schwind, published on May 9, 2008

...that came out clearly on the recording.) "I’d probably just be sitting around like any other old man, complaining about the rest of my life. I’m happy with what I do and the fact that I have a really good woman at home makes it easy for her to be a band widow. And I can go out and do this. It doesn’t matter if our musical skills are not up to par. It’s all about having a good time. If you’re not having a good time, then why do it? That’s what we do."

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And Then There Were Two - The Broo Deathmatch Semis

By Glenn T, published on Apr 6, 2008

...Of course, these roses don't come without their thorns... If J&T was any more self-deprecating, I'd put her on a suicide watch. I mean, honestly, it's disarming to a point where I'm worried about disarming her. Nothing sharp in the house, right, Jen? And here's a girl whose MySpace "Top Friends" includes a gent who refers to himself as "came in his pants"... lovely. And if Bill's blog looked any more Spartan it would kick it's own loinclothed ass into a pit. But in the immortal words of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: I keed, I keed. One more thing, before anyone... (more)

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Christina Linhardt: Voodoo Princess

By Gary Schwind, published on Apr 2, 2008

...It has a therapeutic outcome. Right now I work with mentally ill substance-abusing veterans. I was just there this morning at the VA Hopsital. We do theater improv. It has a lot of amazing human effects. It’s great work. I’ve been doing it for about six years. Under the guise of a character people can express things they wouldn’t otherwise. It’s not drama therapy where you go back into your own experiences and situations. It’s where you create completely new characters.

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The Broo Deathmatch Sweet Sixteen Results

By Glenn T, published on Mar 28, 2008

...there’s something to be said for a guy who can walk through the Tenderloin by himself… and on a regular basis, and live to tell about… let alone write articulately about it. But Joe Mael is the just the right combination of really good writing, and a really unfortunate MySpace picture. Okay, I kid, I kid. For those of you that didn’t notice, Joe recently came off his self-imposed publishing hiatus – and decided not to let the small-minded and loud-mouthed minority who prowl the gutters of the Broo keep him from doing what he does best. The last time... (more)

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The Warned: A Musical Omelette

By Gary Schwind, published on Mar 24, 2008

...can’t make a living at it. Hopefully, we can be blessed with somebody who wants to put some money into it. Really it boils down to having the money to get the stuff out there. Without that, it’s just a website and people can come and check out your local shows. We just love it. We’re gonna run with it as hard and as far as we can. It’s just something we feel in our hearts. We would still play because it’s fun. And we have nothing better to do.

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Broo Deathmatch - First Half First Round Results

By Glenn T, published on Mar 22, 2008

...topics than a season of Jerry Springer, and one seriously bitchin’ college football obsession (which I can completely relate with). But this is Steven Lane we’re talking about here. He’s produced more installments of the Howling than I have good friends… and is MySpace friends with Danny Trejo and Rob Zombie – which may be the greatest drinking trio ever. Sorry Gar, you just ran into the buzzsaw on this one. Steven Lane rolls easily… but don’t worry Gary, your Buckeyes just landed the number one HS football recruit… again.

... (more)

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All About Walken

By VeroniqueChevalier, published on Mar 16, 2008

...derived from the multiple sly references to a certain unsavory erotic practice involving the remains of the dearly departed.A little goes a long way in "All About Walken", but what a way to go! Much as Seinfeld brilliantly managed to make an undeniably fascinating show "about nothing", O'Sullivan's opus does wonders with a dab of Walken. I understand he now has his sights set on launching a similar vehicle for all things Jack (Nicholson, that is). Personally, I am waiting with baited breath for "All About Tilly"…

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