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MySpace: SexyPam wants to be your friend!

By Ariel, published on Sep 27, 2006

How often does an abnormally hot girl comes up to you and begs to be your friend? Not everyday, right? Well then, you should go to MySpace and it will happen more than you would have ever dreamed. And that's paradoxally very unfortunate. Behind the very pleasant face, and often close to naked body of SexyPam, usually hides a fake profile with a bunch of links to different websites: myspace layouts, ringtones, webcams... Due to its very high traffic and the demography of its users, MySpace has become a goldmine for advertisers. By luring potential customers into reading their fake profiles, they... (more)

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MyDeathSpace, in loving memory of our friends

By Ariel, published on Sep 14, 2006

MySpace - "the place for friends" - has quickly become a huge phenomenon in the Internet landscape. This website launched in 2003 by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe has welcomed its 100 millionth user in August 2006. This humongous user base makes it one of the largest community ever on the Internet. It is usually very interesting to browse through all these users, your friends, and your friends' friends, and read a little about their lives. You will sometimes learn from their MySpace things never actually told you in real life. These pages live with their authors, they are a mirror of their... (more)

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Lonelygirl15: A New Era of Entertainment

By C. Reagan, published on Sep 9, 2006

The internet has come a long way in the past few years. The web has become something most people use on a daily basis to conduct business, communicate with friends or family and whittle hours away surfing the endless waves of the web. Life before websites like or feels more like the middle-ages then the recent past and have become an important part many daily-routines. A new sensation has web-crawlers buzzing with excitement. "Lonelygirl15" has started a media frenzy stretching from coast to coast in the U.S. and even attracting fans in Europe and Asia. The premise... (more)

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