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My Religion Terrifies Me

By Ahsan Daredia, published on Nov 21, 2011

...seconds of my life are spent with my heart beating faster than the airplane.

"Shukran Allah, Allah O Akbar, Subhan Allah" he chants multiple times. My Western side immediately comes out screaming "Oh my God, these are the last few moments of my young life." We all know the stereotype, a Muslim on an airplane follows an explosion. I know, I know, it's over exaggerated but that's what we've come to know and think in the post 9/11 era. I've been on numerous flights in, out and within Pakistan but I cannot explain the genuine fear that took control of my body and mind. I felt the blood... (more)

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Muslims Need To Ignore The Bait From Far Right

By Paul Wylie, published on Sep 7, 2010

...of Terry Jones or his hate machine churning in the Florida heat until his internet announcement and claims that the Quranis the book of the devil. Suddenly catapulted to international fame with his church's intended Quran burning, riots have already taken place in Indonesia, with thousands of Muslims protesting outside the U.S. embassy. Yesterday, hundreds of outraged Afghans staged a protest that began to turn ugly as the protesters hurled stones at a passing U.S. convoy. It was the leaders of the protest who calmed things down before the situation got out of hand.

Petraeus, NATO... (more)

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You Can’t Blame Bush Anymore

By D. E. Carson, published on Sep 4, 2010

... Type the words “Cordoba” and “Mosque” into Google and read about the mosque in Cordoba, Spain – which, by the way is the origin of the name of the projected mosque NEAR the World Trade Center. Building a mosque near the World Trade Center in New York is not about bridge building for muslims – it is about an imam who wants to poke his finger in the eyes of those who lost family members on 9/11/01. It’s about one man’s defiant stance against America and the utilization of his position as a so-called “religious leader” to immortalize himself at the sake of prudence or even ... (more)

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Muslim Soldier Faces Justice in New York Court Room

By JJFCPA, published on Jun 22, 2010

...there is a feeling of relief when someone who is guilty confesses to their criminal actions. This case however, left many with a shiver up the back. It was the latest example and maybe the clearest of the dangers America faces from seemingly normal citizens who have adopted a virulent form of Muslim beliefs and methods.

Faisal Shahzad, of Shelton, Connecticut described himself to the court as a Muslim soldier whose mission was to kill Americans because of their terrorizing actions like the drone attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said that he was part of the answer to the U.S.... (more)

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