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Eve Of Juneteenth Brings Jubilant Jazz

By Kim, published on Jun 23, 2009

... Market on 3rd,in Los Angeles, CA. June 18, 2009.

The pronouncement was freeing, buoyant, affecting, infectious leaving me... in raptures.

I think the rest of the audience can attest to the same.

The quintet consisted of the following accomplished musicians:

Carl Randall - Saxophone

Kenny Elliott - Drums

Tim Emmons - Bass

Gary Blumer - Piano

Elliott Caine - Trumpet

Benny Golson's "Whisper Not" was performed in a superb fashion with solos by Elliott, Carl, and Gary... (more)

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The Not So Great American Food & Music Festival

By Ed Attanasio, published on Jun 16, 2009

The Great American Food & Music Festival this past weekend at Shoreline Amphitheater was a total disaster, due primarily to the fact that its main organizer and supposed food visionary Ed Levine did a terrible job of organizing the event. 100's (maybe even thousands) of people left in disgust, due to no food, long lines and a plethora of other problems. Many demanded refunds and got them. It's amazing that a riot did not take place. Never in my entire life have I ever encountered such a fiasco, and I've been to a lot of these types of festivals. Most of them are quite well-run and very professional.... (more)

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A Shout Of Jazz At Playboy

By Kim, published on Jun 16, 2009

...annual Playboy Jazz Festival took place on June 13 and 14th at the Hollywood Bowl, in Los Angeles, CA. The line-up on both days ranged in style from Contemporary to Reggae while diversity abounded.

Clouds couldn't keep the crowds away that Sunday afternoon as a number of extraordinary musicians took to the stage.

A Quincy Jones discovery - Alfredo Rodriquez - an incredible Pianist and his ensemble shared many tunes with a Latin tinge on Jazz favorites. His style was flourishing and invigorating despite the constant chatter as he utilized the upright Piano to his own... (more)

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Aloha Presented In Musical Format For Late Night Pleasure

By Kim, published on Jun 15, 2009

...- Lewer's Lounge.

Ahh!!! The perfect setting for a late night rendezvous with Jazz.

On this particular balmy evening, we were serenaded by a tranquil Pianist who had a very cool blend with the audience. Tennyson Stevens.

I walked in on what must have been the final set of music for the evening, welcomed by a most efficient host who found me a perfect seat in the full lounge.

Mr. Stevens was essentially sagacious in his style and tune selection. He performed Jazz favorites that brought satisfied sighs to our souls.

Harry Warren's "At Last" once performed... (more)

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Saint-cloud FÃ'te Boris Vian

By David Raynal, published on Jun 13, 2009

...est bien sûr Boris Vian, mort il y a cinquante ans et à l’honneur ce week-end de la première édition du festival «Jazz à Vian» au domaine national de Saint-Cloud. Un rendez-vous culturel et gratuit, voulu et organisé par le musicien de Jazz Serge Forté, en collaboration avec la municipalité de Ville d’Avray et l’agglomération Arc de Seine: «Vian qui est né à Ville d’Avray en 1920 a été l’un des premiers critiques de Jazz. A ce titre, il... (more)

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An Essential Rhythm Excursion...

By Kim, published on Jun 10, 2009 the A Frame" in Los Angeles, CA.

John Clayton - Bass - the ultimate on bowing, strumming, plucking, and serenading with his fingers.

Gerald Clayton - Piano expounding on all 88 keys...too many arpeggios and soulful changes to count.

The musicians played a few old time Jazz favorites and some choice gems from Gerald's soon to be released masterpiece - "Two Shade".

The instinctive and remarkable Clayton splendor was laid out on each tune by Gerald infusing a hint of the forbidden classical touch while inquiring a... (more)

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Literary Fair And Jazz & Gospel Fest. Brightened The Day

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Jun 8, 2009

...audience participation events that continued from 10:00 AM to 5:00PM. This popular event produced by Cynthia E. Exum and Associates returned to Leimert Park Village with hundreds of authors, artists, publishers, illustrators, storytellers, literary vendors, workshops, panel discussions and musical entertainment.

The fair was held in various venues in Leimert Park. Earl Ofari Hutchinson interviewed acclaimed photographer, author Howard Bingham to discuss the recently published “The Black Panther Movement 1968” in Lucy Florence. Lucy Florence and Community Build... (more)

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The Better Song

By Glenn T, published on Jun 7, 2009

Early in my teens, I became enamored with the power of being a DJ. As a small kid, it blew me away to see the effect that music had on people, and the amazing control that a disc jockey could then have over an assembled crowd, regardless of his size. I saw how music could turn a simple gathering in a party, and turn awkward first meetings of strangers into steamy rendezvous. Of course, it wasn't just any music that could do this, but the right music. And so the axiom originally opined by Stan Lee in 1962 (via the Amazing SpiderMan) once again proved true for the disc jockey: with great... (more)

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A Culture Of Change At Jazz Reggae Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on May 27, 2009


Vocalist Mateo was another highlight on day one of the festival. He belted out original materials from his upcoming debut CD. He is also a talented piano player. Nino Moschella performed and also contributed to the overall success of Jam Day.

Ayo is a rising star in the music industry. She rocked the festival with a set of tunes form her critically acclaimed previous CD’s. The crowd were treated to some R&B, reggae, Afro-beat merenaded in American soul.

It was obvious from the crowd reaction that adding hip-hop to the line-up was a wise decision... (more)

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Brittany's Bright Future. Part1. A Short History Of Brittany

By J.N. PAQUET, published on May 17, 2009


Through adversity, Bretons always kept their traditionsand culture alive. It actually made them stronger. In 1897, François Jaffrenouwrote a national anthem for Brittany, the “Bro Gozh ma Zadoù” (Breton for “Old Land of My Fathers”).The music wascomposed by the Welsh James James. In 1923, Morvan Marchal createda flag for Brittany, theGwen-ha-du (which means white and black in Breton).


In 1941, as the majority of France was under Nazi occupation, the French... (more)

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