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Don't Forget the Derby!

By Alethea, published on Oct 19, 2006

...hardly anyone there (although granted it was a Tuesday). Although I can't vouch for what it's like on the weekends, it seems that during the week it is a low key place to chill with a lot to offer in terms of ambiance. This month, Wednesdays and Fridays are "Can of Jam" days which play live music. This Sunday is "swing Sunday" in which you can get a quick lesson before you cut a rug on the dance floor. You can still catch Go Betty Go this coming Tuesday if you're down to see an upbeat group of girls rocking out. Aside from all the official club activities, you can even book your own... (more)

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Monorail To Tie Together L.A.'s Gems

By dodgerjon, published on Oct 11, 2006

...built that would connect the L.A. Coliseum/ Natural History Museums to downtown's Broadway Street (home of the Million Dollar, Los Angeles and Orpheum movie palaces). Another spur could connect with the Convention Center (and the Staples Center Arena). Later extensions might link with the Music Center... LAX... or even Dodger Stadium. Eventually the whole project would be a way of uniting all of L.A.'s fun and interesting landmarks. L.A.'s Broadway Street is a real lost gem. Hollywood Thoughts feels strongly that the street should be blocked from automotive traffic between the... (more)

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Peeping Tom - A Naughty but Nice New Sound

By Alethea, published on Oct 10, 2006

If you're familiar with Mike Patton at all, you may have known him as a singer for Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Lovage, Fantomas, Tomahawk, or other various Patton projects. If not, you have been missing out on one of the musical masterminds of our time. His latest release is an album entitled Peeping Tom which features the song "Mojo". Patton has a wide range of fellow collaborators that have contributed to the album including Dan the Automator, Rahzel, Bebel Gilberto, Norah Jones, Kool Keith, Massive Attack and others. It seems that only Patton could get Norah to sing a chorus cajoling "What... (more)

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LA Weekly Detour Festival Revisited

By Alethea, published on Oct 10, 2006

If you didn't attend the 1st Annual LA Weekly Detour Music Festival this past Saturday, you did indeed miss out. Gates opened at 2pm and the music played on until about 11pm. A total of four stages were set up among the blocked off streets allowing one to wander around as one pleased. Aside from the music stages, a variety of vendors lined up along the streets which included everything from food to clothes to music. Considering there were a multitude of bands one could choose from, it was a bit difficult to decide who to see. My lineup began with Blackalicious leading to Blonde Redhead,... (more)

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LA Weekly Detour today!

By Ariel, published on Oct 7, 2006

The LA Weekly Detour music festival starts today at 2pm in Dowtown Los Angeles on 1st and Main St. Beck, Queens of the Stone Age and Basement Jaxx will lead the show, but awesome bands like Peeping Tom, Red Kross, Blonde Redhead and Blackalicious will also be performing for this event. The complete list can be found at along with the set times. If you are only interested in seeing the major bands, Beck, QOTSA and Basement Jaxx will close the festival around 8pm. Detour is the 1st annual music festival organized by LA Weekly. All proceeds to benefit... (more)

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Tribute Bands - Poor Immitations or Historians?

By Alethea, published on Oct 3, 2006

...the words...Cover Band... it makes them cringe. Some people are extremely against them, others don't understand the point, while most don't even bother. Why would you want to see an imitation of a band that you once loved? There's no doubt that people can be protective over their favorite music, especially when it comes to other people covering their songs. But are all tribute bands pointless? Tribute bands seem to focus on a particular group, unlike cover bands who can go for a general genre or several artists. Many of the tribute bands that exist came to be because the original... (more)

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Miss Bliss Would be so Proud!

By C. Reagan, published on Sep 30, 2006

It started out as a normal "Hump Day". I went to work. I turned on KISS FM (LA's hottest hit music!) and listened to Ryan Seacrest as I brewed coffee and read some mind-numbing articles about Skid Row. Then, the nightmare began. It came gently at first, in the form of a teaser by Seacrest himself around 9:45 am. By 10:00, the world as we knew it changed....for the worse. 3 Words will sum up this fateful day: Screech. Sex. & Tape. The NY Daily News reported today that a 40-minute "sex-tape" will star Dustin Diamond, AKA Screech Powers and 2 un-named females. The trio are said to engage in a... (more)

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1st Annual LA Weekly Detour Music Festival

By Alethea, published on Sep 26, 2006

Angelenos should know that the 1st Annual LA Weekly Detour Music Festival is happening this October 7th in Downtown Los Angeles. Tickets are $35.50, which seem like a value considering the artist lineup. Some of the more notable artists include Beck, Blonde Redhead, Peeping Tom, Queens of the Stone Age, Basement Jaxx, as well as many others. The festival is located at First & Main. Doors open at 2pm. Aside from an immensely promising show at a bargain value, part of the proceeds will be donated to the TreePeople(.org) which is a non-profit Los Angeles organization which educates people about... (more)

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DragonForce- Extreme Power Metal, With Crazy Licks That Split Picks

By John Francis, published on Sep 25, 2006

Every couple of years or so, we get blown away by some musical intervention that overwhelms us all. In which for some people, it takes them into some-what of a different realm and changes the way they see and listen to music. In 1999, ZP Theart, Herman Li, and Sam Totman conceived the melodic, power-metal onslaught that is DragonForce, which took the world there. Hailing from the UK, these metal gods, known as DragonHeart at the time, posted their now discontinued demo, Valley of the Damned, online and got a massive fan-base with numbers as high as half a million within a short time. Sanctuary/Noise... (more)

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Cruising Down Miracle Mile

By Josh Marks, published on Sep 20, 2006

...These cultural institutions are all located along a part of the Miracle Mile called Museum Row. Most of the Miracle Mile District shuts down after dark with the exception of a few restaurants and clubs. The El Rey Theatre (5515 Wilshire Blvd; is a great place to see live music and just down La Brea is upscale Southwestern dining at the Sonora Café (180 S. La Brea Ave; The Miracle Mile is one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Wilshire is one of the great boulevards of the world. Don’t take my word for it, cruise... (more)

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