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The Golden Boys Of Orange County

By Caitlin McGuire, published on Nov 3, 2006

On October 28th, some of the biggest bands from Orange County (and one from San Diego) got together for a night of spooky costumes, brief movies, and great music. Strangely enough, while all of the bands were southern California residents, none of their members listed their location as an influence. Whether their dream is to live elsewhere (Matthew Mason, guitarist of Great Glass Elevator, explains “The thought of Alaska inspires me more than Orange County.”), or a slight resentment for their homeland (Jarret Killen, guitarist of Narwhal, complains that “California is a weird place to make... (more)

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Red, White & New

By Glenn T, published on Nov 2, 2006

...injuries, a small calf strain on a guy so seasoned and tough that the only leg injury that would keep him from starting the regular season would be an amputation. The gaps in the action normally filled with the awkward silence left by a dearth of preseason sponsors was instead filled with the music, dancing, and stunts most other teams reserve for prime-time games in mid-season. And the beauty of it all? Not a purple and gold jersey in sight. The lights seemed brighter; the dancers, prettier; the stunts and tosses, higher; the crowd, louder. And the talk? Championship. And even... (more)

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Bring out the Dead!

By Alethea, published on Nov 1, 2006

...year on the 1st and the 2nd of November. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery also has a huge celebration yearly. Although those may not be viable options due to time constraints, Canoga Park also has a celebration this Sunday, November 5th. It’s located at Sherman Way and Canoga and will last from 10am to 5pm. There will be food, raffles, music, art, and other activities going on. Admission is free. You can check out the website at Although it may not be exactly like the celebration in Mexico, it will probably be a fun introductory to Mexican culture.  (more)

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By C. Reagan, published on Oct 31, 2006

In the spirit of Halloween, Universal Studios City Walk played host the witches of Oz and their many eccentric fans yesterday for the announcement of the Los Angeles cast of "Wicked". For those of you who may have been living under a rock the last few years, "Wicked" the Musical is based on a novel by Gregory Maguire that takes a new look at the witches of Oz. It follows Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) and Glinda (the Good Witch) throughout an entirely re-imagined Oz, with Dorothy playing a much less significant role. The musical, which was developed in Los Angeles, features music and lyrics by... (more)

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"Out of the Shadow"

By Caitlin McGuire, published on Oct 30, 2006

...the Heart Out,” “Postage Stamp World,” and “Every Moment.” “Seasick on Land” is no “Land Locked Blues,” although it seems to strive for a canonically Bright-Eyes/Shins sound. Still, it’s a good song in its own right. The bounce of the music adds to the joyful effect of the harmony by Zach Rogue. On the flip side, “Kicking the Heart Out” is as good a break-up song as I’ve ever heard (Can anyone ever really screw up a break-up song?). With lyrics like “Music is my lover / You are just a tease / You make love ... (more)

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Is "We Are Glitter" Gold?

By Caitlin McGuire, published on Oct 28, 2006

...and “Fly Me Away (C2 Remix 4).” Both songs are quieter “chill-out” tracks that hearken to a time of quieter Goldfrapp releases. Goldfrapp is known best in the UK, where they have been met with consistently overwhelming positive reviews. Their unique combination of folk music, 80s synth rock, and classic film scores garnered play from most electronically inclined Europeans, and have slowly begun invading American airwaves. The American success of Goldfrapp is apparent: "Strict Machine," "Ooh La La" and "Number 1" have all reached the highest rank on the Billboard... (more)

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Sting's "Songs From the Labyrinth"

By Caitlin McGuire, published on Oct 27, 2006

...legendary lutenist and guitarist Edin Karamozov to produce “Songs From the Labyrinth,” which features the songs and words of John Dowland (1563-1626), an Elizabethan composer. Sting, who was introduced to the work of John Dowland in the early eighties, has made a prolific amount of music, having sold over 20 million CDs in the U.S. alone. Sting breaks new (and at the same time, ancient) ground with his debut into the classical world. In “Songs From the Labyrinth’s” press release, Sting remarks that the songs of John Dowland “are pop songs written around ... (more)

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The Working Title

By Caitlin McGuire, published on Oct 27, 2006 lead singer, Joel Hamilton’s imaginary murder (“The Crash”). If you watch "Laguna Beach," odds are, you’ve heard The Working Title. Their latest album labeled them as a “band to watch” by “Alternative Press Magazine”, and their music was subsequently featured on the MTV reality show. File “About Face” between Jimmy Eat World, which Pavao names as one of his favorite bands, and We Are Scientists; the album pairs the composition of the former with the industrial tones of the latter. The standouts on the album are... (more)

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Bright (With Tears) Eyes

By Caitlin McGuire, published on Oct 26, 2006

...of “Devil Town” is strangely compelling. The song that demonstrates Oberst’s growth as an artist best is “I’ve Been Eating (For You).” “I’ve Been Eating” is a mature view of his career and art, and exhibits the depth and texture of his music that has allowed Bright Eyes to become one of America’s great songwriters. Despite being a thoroughly solid album, “Noise Floor” is not a necessary addition to a casual listener’s Bright Eyes collection. Many of the songs have been released in other CDs, or in other... (more)

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"Night Moves" -- Lisa Papi-NO!

By quinne anderson, published on Oct 21, 2006

...Angeles front yard. I put the disc in my CD player and sat down excitedly on my floor to do some painting. I was secretly hoping the album would bear parallels to Air's Talkie Walkie, an album to which Lisa Papineau lent her vocals. Talkie Walkie is deliciously different from Air's earlier music. Like the course of Radiohead's musical journey, it shows progression and development--a positive and pleasant divergence from their previous musical output. Unfortunately, I was egregiously disappointed. The first six tracks left me bored. Instead of painting, I just sat on my floor, brow... (more)

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