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A Gift Tonight From L.A. to San Diego Jay Buchanan

By RLSegarra, published on Feb 4, 2007 San Diego very often, come and gimme some sugar" I don't know how many of his fans came, I do know he won over an entire audience and gave us a whole lot of sugar and good stuff himself. Jay Buchanan will be performing this Tuesday February 6 at the Gypsy lounge, 23600 Rockfield Blvd. Lake Forest, Ca. 92630. Ph# (949)206-9990. 21+ Cost:$7.00 To purchase Buchanan cds and Jay Buchanan Live just log onto Treat yourself and someone you love or even just like this Tuesday to a powerful perfomance of rock and blues from Jay Buchanan at the Gypsy Lounge.


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Age of Innocence

By Olina Stefansson, published on Jan 29, 2007

...characteristics of most of them. They never get sad, and they never experience real trouble that resembles life situations or conflicts. They don´t convey any emotions, thus not enabling children to get really involved. Mesmerizing is easy. Colorful images, freakish characters, monotonous music, rapid editing are torture tools that are more at home in prisons than in children´s programs. What happened to good old storytelling? Vivid interesting characters that we can relate to and feel for. Stories that touch issues like unfairness, failure, true friendship, achievement through... (more)

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Gray Whale Watching in LA: 12,000 mi. Migration Celebrated

By E Jo, published on Jan 28, 2007

...Fiesta which celebrates the southern migration of the Pacific Gray Whale will take place on Sunday, January 28th from 10AM-4:30PM at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Admission is FREE and the celebration includes talks by whale experts, building a life sized Gray Whale sand sculpture, food, crafts, music and general marine mammal awareness. Whale watching boat tours are also available through CMA. Late January is peak season in LA and southern California to see these giants pass by on their journey toward Mexico. The Gray Whale southern migration begins approximately late November and ends ... (more)

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Dino's Chicken: All Fired Up in Azusa

By pleasurepalate, published on Jan 27, 2007

...most amazing chicken dish I ever had. I have no clue what kind of marinade was used, but the various layers and melding of flavors really made this chicken sing. Eating Dino's chicken is akin to a mariachi band for me. Both are colorful. Both are "loud." While one can be loud in regards to the music, the other is loud in regards to flavor. With one note or with one bite, both can get immediate attention. So if you want to try some chicken that will be music to your mouth, head Eastside to Azusa. The town that has everything from A to Z in the USA definitely has a great a great "D" in... (more)

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"Live work and play, downtown LA"

By lilac, published on Jan 22, 2007

I have lived in downtown LA for more than a year now, and am moving out in less than a week. No nostalgia for me. Relief. Dreams of serenity - of not being jolted out of my sleep by the club music next to my apartment -- of sirens and calls from policemen joyfully (this is debatable) halting speeding vehicles in their tracks. I lived infront of a freeway for more than a year, walked home from the bus stop around the same time, braving catcalls, bums saying hi in their drunken stupor, and mislead testosterone motivated men stopping their cars asking if I want I ride. What was an annoyance became... (more)

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American Idol - Too Much of a Bad Thing

By Jaci Rae, published on Jan 21, 2007

...expectations from the audience and critics as well as record setting ratings. Despite all the fan fair and funny moments, American Idol had too much of a bad thing this year, humiliating people beyond what is tolerable. Paula Abdul was her usual tactful self, offering a lot of encouragement to music industry hopefuls and Randy Jackson remained calm despite some obvious flaws in performance techniques to say the least, but Simon Cowell was his usual tactless self (part of the shows appeal). While this "judge" can't help but wonder if many of those "real" performances were attempts to gain... (more)

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Valentine's Day gift that matters: go Heal a Heart Across the Border

By E Jo, published on Jan 18, 2007

... and fit 4 people. This is a cost of only $15 per night per person. The lunches are free provided by HHAB but Friday night dinner is up to you. Restaurants overlooking the water are located a short walk from the hotel. Lobster dinners range from $8 to $12! The hotel also has a bar with local music and a swimming pool. Some people from the San Diego crew go to Puerto Nuevo for a fresh $10 lobster dinner before returning to the U. S. on Saturday afternoon. I went on my first trip with HHAB from San Diego last November, 2006. The November trip also brings donated Christmas toys for... (more)

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He's going the Distance: An Interview with Harry Perry

By V, published on Jan 9, 2007 ask next. This guitar didn't come until the 80's. Have you kept this one specifically for the boardwalk since you got it? Yeah. Originally I kept it for on stage, but after I fell on it a few times, it became my street guitar. Do you have a big guitar collection? I've listened to your music and you're a great guitar player. I don't know what big is, but I have a guitar collection. I've seen people with BIG guitar collections (launches into heavy riffing). So why here? What brought you to the Venice boardwalk? It's L.A. and you know what, look at this?! This is January! But... (more)

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Idyllic Idyllwild

By V, published on Jan 3, 2007

...up to the mountain, opening up this cozy and quaint coffee house-café-bistro-social club. You feel very much so that you are enjoying the hospitality of some kind strangers who have taken you in for the night. With attentive and efficient, local wait staff, the atmosphere is intimate, the music in excellent taste (they have live music also at various times) and the creative décor boasts eclectic art pieces - the bathroom even wallpapered in the interesting poetry and musings of the couple’s poet friend, Rumi. It was here in Café Aroma, that I easily had one of the best... (more)

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50s Daze (or Days) at Dal Rae Steakhouse

By pleasurepalate, published on Dec 27, 2006

...Blvd, I already knew I was going somewhere special. From a few streets away, I could already see the tall beautiful neon sign with the restaurant name in blazing red lights. No cheesy backlit plastic for Dal Rae. It was class all the way. Upon entering the lobby, I was greeted by live music in the bar and two hostesses, who with their almost bouffant hair-dos helped set the stage for my 50s time warp. Inside the bustling restaurant, my eyes took in the wood paneled walls and the black leather banquettes and I truly felt like I was back in time. Once seated, iced relish trays were ... (more)

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