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Jim Carroll Is Now One Of The People Who Died

By Ed Attanasio, published on Sep 14, 2009

...alternative radio success in the early '80s and turning up surprisingly on the soundtrack for 'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial,' when Steven Spielberg chose the song for the opening scene of the film. He recorded multiple albums, including 'Dry Dreams' and 'I Write Your Name.'

Carroll's music connections always ran deep, with his stream of consciousness flow and storied life, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film adaption of 'The Basketball Diaries,' being a perfect fit with the New York CBGB scene of the '70s. In fact, it was Patti Smith, who brought Carroll up on stage to... (more)

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Filmmaker Sonja Dunson: I Wear Many Hats

By Gary Schwind, published on Sep 11, 2009

Sonja Dunson, a former Miss Michigan, wrote, produced, and co-starred in the film You Can't Buy Love, due out soon. Via phone, Sonja discussed the film, the music on the soundtrack, and being blacklisted by Lew Wasserman.

Tell me about the story and creation of your film You Can't Buy Love.

I have been in the business since I was a little girl. I've had my SAG and AFTRA cards since I was eight or nine years old. I did everything I could do in the state of Michigan. I'm from Detroit. I was Miss Michigan in the Miss USA Universe contest. I came to Los Angeles. After I arrived,... (more)

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Blues And Gospel Stars Shined At Blues Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Sep 9, 2009 the festival. The Homemade Jamz Blues Band featured a group of siblings, Ryan Perry-age 17(guitar), Kyle Perry-age 15(bass) and Taya Perry-age 10(drums) and dad Renaud Perry on harmonica. I could only think of two words amazing and awesome to describe their set and their skill level as musicians. They were tight as seasoned blues artists. They performed material from their current CD’s Pay Me No Mind and I Got Blues For You. The crowd and I were in awe as they performed “Who Your Real Friends Are,” “Jealous,” and “Voodoo Women” just to name ... (more)

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Bigger, Better, Tastier Taste Of Santa Monica

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Sep 4, 2009 partnership with “KOOZA” Cirque du Soleil is taking TASTE OF SANTA MONICA to new heights for its 8th annual food festival at Santa Monica Pier on Sunday, September 13th from 1:00 – 5:00pm.

This year’s TASTE OF SANTA MONICA will offer an extended live music performance and Sunset Happy Hour from 5:00 – 7:00pm. Your entrance fee includes live music, giveaways, chance to win “KOOZA” tickets, preferred prices to see “KOOZA” (, International pizza tent, and to meet and mingle with the... (more)

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Funk And Soul Royalty Presided Over Long Beach Funk Fest

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Sep 1, 2009

...funk and nuttin but the funk that brought together old and new funk fans to showcase where funk came from and where it’s going. This marvelous event was the brainchild of Long Beach resident and funkateer Bobby Easton of the Long Beach Band Delta Nove.This was part of the SAM (Summer and Music) series, founded by Justin Hectus, and Rand Foster and backed by the DLBA (Downtown Long Beach Associates), Long Beach Redevelopment Agency and Long Beach Arts Council. The festival featured many funk and soul luminaries such as Victor Orlando (Gap Band) and Fun JA LA, Baby Stone(with Novena... (more)

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Back To School Moves

By Kim, published on Aug 31, 2009

...we are at the end of August and for many a back to school groove. The 21st of August brought more unseasonal but nice cool weather at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art -Friday Night Jazz Series. The stage was well fired up with the Ben Wendell Ensemble. They shared an array of original music, and featuring some of the best on horns and a fantastic rhythm section.

Ben Wendell - Saxophone and Bassoon

Mark Ferber- Drums

Adam Benjamin - Rhodes Keyboards

Josh Nelson - Piano

Darek Oales - Bass

Ben Wendell... (more)

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Dancing With The Stars - Season Nine

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 18, 2009

...guns and have them fight it out on Hollywood Boulevard?

Okay, so now that you know the rest of the story, let’s get to why you’re reading this. You want to know who’s going to be playing this season, right? Okay so here goes, and in no particular order (dramatic music as lights dim):

Singers Mya, Macy Gray and Aaron Carter will attempt to see if they can dance better than they can sing. This is a proposition that won’t require a lot of effort. I can dance better than they can sing so it will be interesting to see how well they do.

... (more)

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A Little Piece Of Quiet

By Glenn T, published on Aug 17, 2009

... flying experience or his woefully unconcerned mother might be able to quiet him without my intervention. My hopes were dashed as his gleeful screaming recommenced immediately, and I knew I was in for a bad trip. I smiled thinking about soon being able to strap my headphones on escape to some musical bliss, accompanied by crossword puzzles and some light reading.But I was wrong. Jeffrey had apparently tuned his tiny little lungs and vocal cords to produce a frequency and volume which penetrated any possible masking. It blasted right through the rumble of the jet engines, the white... (more)

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Mi Vida Loca In Brooklyn

By Ava Marie, published on Aug 13, 2009

...Williamsburg, for there was no such thing as “East Williamsburg“. I felt like Jack on the Titanic when Cal finally confesses that there is no “arrangement” or boats on the other side to take the men to safety. The car pulled up to a litter-lined street flooded with Salsa music. And here I was: The blonde, white girl from Texas and the new, temporary resident of Bushwick Brooklyn. “Bushwick“, I said to myself. The name even sounded dirty rolling off the end of my tongue. ‘Bushwick’ is a word that even the residents are afraid to mouth.... (more)

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Mixed Bag Of Jazz On The 20th Anniversary Of The World Stage

By Kim, published on Aug 12, 2009

...people from all walks of life to enter, enjoy, learn, grow, share, blosoom, and give.

An afternoon in one of the most interesting and creative culture hub's in the inner city of Los Angeles - Leimert Park. This was affair that was filled with community engagement, wonderful music, an array of booths with compelling art pieces, jewelry, social consciousness posters, plaques, Music Cd's and DVD's, excellent food,and face painting.

The main focus of the day was the music.

Each band or ensemble that took to the stage shared an amazing... (more)

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