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Silent Sickness

By Renee Shepard, published on Sep 26, 2009

...of all things keep them off drugs, I strongly believe everyone at least once a day should review thier family and friends and attempt to diagnose this silent sickness while the person is still here with us.

Kurt's suicide bothers me the most, he couldn't hack it, writing wasn't helping, music wasn't helping, nothing helped so the only thing left he thought he could do right was death which he certainly mastered on his first try.

Silent Sickness is no joke, please help the mentally ill have a reason to live by supporting them and helping them maybe if just one person cared... (more)

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Buying Steroids Online

By john_arnolds, published on Sep 26, 2009

As many people I’ve grown accustomed to buying stuff on the net - from software and music, computer-hardware, to some really weird items from ebay. The thing is, it grows on you, and once you get used to it you have certain expectations that one reflects on all internet dealings.

As all things in life this has positive and negative consequences though. On one hand I’m more and more trusting towards all internet offerings and in most cases this is a good thing. Years ago I could never imagine trusting some guy on ebay to send me the newest Dell computer for half of retail price. These... (more)

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Emancipated Artistry, Eclectic Sentiments & Flavorful Jazz

By Kim, published on Sep 25, 2009

...and richness of African American lifeand other aspects of life from many perspectives.

In her 9 to 5 life she works at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA.

This however is a mere side gig to her true passion - Drawing.

Music was provided for the event by Trio from the World Stage Jazz Ensemble Workshop -

Nathan Martin - Saxophone

Velva Davis - Bass

Kim Vinson - Flute

Jazz Standards, Be-Bop, Blues, and a Ballad or two were served for... (more)

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Movie Minute: Jennifer's Body

By M.J. Hamada, published on Sep 24, 2009

... Brody), whom she considers "extra salty." Nikolai looks Jennifer over and tells his bandmates that she's the one: the virgin they will sacrifice in honor of "the man downstairs."

Yes, the members of Low Shoulder are Satan worshippers, and they believe that such an offering will send their music career into the stratosphere. Little do these dim bulbs know (most of the characters are dim bulbs), Jennifer is not a virgin. Which means that their sacrifice does not take. Which means that when they murder Jennifer, she does not die; she transmogrifies. Jennifer the vamp becomes Jennifer the ... (more)

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The Road To Happiness

By Glenn T, published on Sep 23, 2009

...(e.g. Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard) insisted on couching their power chords and fast-paced drums with impossibly high-pitched lyrics and lyricists who always seemed, despite their decidedly feminine look and sound, impossibly bad ass.I remember the open disdain my parents had for this music and the furtive way I had to listen to it. I remember the excitement it built in me, and the bigger life it promised that helped me break out of the orbit of my small town at 18. I remember not being allowed to listen to the records and the unimaginable prospect of actually attending one of the ... (more)

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Fallen Angels

By Lumiere, published on Sep 21, 2009

...days, etc. Thefamous Fall(s) of the Angels. Enoch not only names the angels whofell, he speaks of the gifts they possessed, taught mankind and abused. Angelic detail oftheFallen Angelsbetrayalto God and mankind. The Prophecy of Noah and the comingof Jesus. The truth behind Lucifers gift of music and possession. The power of the spoken word. Greek and Roman mythology; the origins of the Fallen Angels, truth to legends, mythologyand heros of old. The curse which fell upon the Watchers children and themselves for their betrayal to "roam the earth as long as it endures." The history... (more)

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Pity You Didn't Read The Small Print

By Edward, published on Sep 21, 2009

...and clients, and you skimmed over way too much.So, we’ve decided to give you tours of both Heaven and Hell and let you decide where you feel most comfortable.”In Heaven, the Mortgage Loan Officer really liked the streets paved with gold and the big mansions, but she found all the harp music to be a bit irksome.When the Mortgage Loan Officer toured Hell, she saw that everyone had their choice of playing tennis or golf, chilling by the pool smoking and drinking, or playing cards and dancing in the clubhouse. She said to St. Peter “This is a hard choice! Can I sleep on it?”When... (more)

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"suggested Donation"

By travelingseth, published on Sep 19, 2009

...ever eat. And this is not even notable. Just another typical encounter. And you find in yourself an overwhelming desire to give back. To contribute and be part of it.Sigh….I’m sure I’ll continue going to these Burning Man parties. It’s a good brand, Burning Man. The music and art are top notch. Beautiful, sexy people abound. And I’m sure a lot of the money’s going into camps and art. But I fear my innocence is gone. The parties and culture may seem, from here on out, a glittering, fur-lined shell. The spirit that formed it gone. Hibernating,... (more)

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Spiritual Connective Jazz - The Pyramid Central

By Kim, published on Sep 18, 2009

...few people are gathered. A warm and very thoughtful host meets you as you enter at the front door. "Good Evening, Welcome to the World Stage". He smiles. The same gentleman would later share a wealth of knowledge in regards to history of the World Stage, Leimert Park, and Jazz Roots.

The musicians are completing their set up for the adventure about to begin.

Portraits of some of the most creative and best loved musicians surround you on the wall.

They paved the way for what is to come.

There's Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Charlie... (more)

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Snooky! Take Us To The Unfeigned "Rhythm & Blues"

By Kim, published on Sep 14, 2009

Los Angeles County Museum of Art LACMA as it fondly called gave a special recognition to the legendary musician, Eugene "Snooky" Young - Trumpeter on September 11. 2009. Snooky is the "Master of the plunger" a mute used by trumpeters everywhere. This mute allows the musician to create all sorts of sounds and affects in his music.

Mr. Young received the much desired initialLos Angeles Treasure Award. Zev Yaroslavsky,Los Angeles County Supervisor for the Third district was on hand to give a special recognition to Mr. Young for giving over 60 years of ingenious artistry... (more)

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