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The Need to Capture the Moment

By cherry-eyed, published on Jan 29, 2011

Recently, at a show in NYC, I witnessed something first-hand that was, for me, symptomatic of a larger trend riddled with irony. As the headlining band was playing, arms seemed to sprout up all around me. Each pair was trying to steady a camera or Iphone at their apex. Movement to the rhythm ceased as the occasional flash went off from the less inhibited (or tech-savy). Shortly after, you have the customary proof-reading, marked by faces angled downward towards the illumination of their little toys.

What made this noteworthy for me, was not only the sheer number of people engaging in... (more)

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The Musical Education of Our Very Young

By Yvonne de la Vega, published on Sep 17, 2010

... marveled at the ability of our young ones to sing along perfectly, the lyrics of a song they had no instruction or assignment to learn? It's a natural ability to memorize the words of a favorite pop song, albeit by repetition, however it is a perfect case study that when presented in the form of music, they are willing and even enthusiastic to learn by committing to memory a dialogue or word grouping written by another.

Many schools across the country have cut their budgets considerably to include subjects once viewed as necessary, such as art and music. The values in a musical... (more)

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Music is what feelings sounds like.

By Angie Alaniz, published on Sep 17, 2010

There is a reason that Looney Tunes did so many cartoons based off of operas and using classical music – and why these are the pieces of classical music we all know.

“The Beautiful Blue Danube,” aka Looney Tunes “A Corny Concerto” and “The Ride of the Valkyries,” aka “Kill The Wabbit” and who can forget the “The Barber of Seville”? These are all well-known and successful pieces of music that are classical. Wagner, Strauss and Verdi were at one time household names, and while still well-known, sadly these names mean nothing to a growing number of people these days. They think classical... (more)

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Visible Lyrics’ Melissa “Cha~Cha” Figueroa Has New Publicist

By Starbourne, published on Feb 26, 2010

Best known for her editorials and in-depth celebrity interviews on various websites and publications, Star B intends to take Cha~Chas’ career to the next level. “She’s already an international songstress and humanitarian so working with her is an honor for me. I intend to do whatever I can to take her career to its highest form.” In addition to handling the PR aspect of business Star B wants people to get to know who the real Cha~Cha is by shining a spotlight on more than just her vocals. “She’s a Latina and her sound is unique. She’s also involved in so many positive activities. I see the... (more)

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Unlikely Salvation

By Selina Jane, published on Jan 6, 2010

I was going through a spiraling depression... The lows were lower than low, deep down in the depths of darkness. I couldn't get it together. I couldn't figure out how to feel anything other than hopeless.

I scrapped seven paintings, stared at my cursor when I tried to write, and struggled to even talk or answer the phone. Getting dressed, showered, and outside was another challenge. Nothing mattered. I figured it was time to call my shrink, but I worried about my ability to get in the car and drive myself there. The act of actually “getting there” seemed so overwhelming to me, as did... (more)

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Fellini Moments

By Blogger_babe32, published on Dec 2, 2009

... me aside. He was running his finger over the point and making jabbing motions, yelling at me in his very broken English, “Sharp!” I couldn’t understand what he was saying as he was getting louder and all I could see was a strip search in my immediate future. I kept saying innocently, “Music? Conducting?” The guy was getting really frustrated, the line is getting longer, and I’m getting the eye-roll from the travelers behind me, like I just dropped all of my coupons in the check-out line at the supermarket. And then most of them are expired.

Finally, in desperation,... (more)

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Bravo! Gustavo!!!

By Kim, published on Nov 19, 2009

...Philharmonic's Conductor was making his Debut on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl.

Diverse and fabulous arrays of artists were on hand to celebrate with the Los Angeles community on the chilly September afternoon.

Andrae Crouch with his sister and a wonderful group of vocalists and musician ranging from age 7 to 60+ were on hand to share scared classics. A 10 yr old vocalist gave us an amazing rendition of "Jesus is the Answer" with chops that would cause one think this young man had been singing for centuries.

"FLEA" formerly with the group known as "The Red Hot Chili... (more)

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Latin Grammy Street Parties Tour

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Oct 25, 2009

...Latin Grammy Street Parties history, the festival will take place on November 1 at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, the host city for the 2009 Latin Grammy Awards®.

                The event featured a mixture of musical genres from all over Latin America. The tour stop in Los Angeles featured performances by Sophia Del Carmen, Los Vagos de Tijuana, Agina, Ruben de la Cruz, Jesse Morales “El Original de Sierra”, and Conjunto Atardecer, radio personality Piolin, Los Cuates de Sinaloa, Conjunto Azabache and ... (more)

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Resistance Then, Resist Now! @ Arlington West, Oct. 25th

By T. Conboy, published on Oct 10, 2009

...based on his memoir and the inspiration for Jane Fonda’s film Coming Home.   

Two groups of speakers will be framed by cultural presentations:  spiritual drumming from the S.H.I.N.E. Mawusi women’s drum alliance and members of the ADAAWE women’s percussion group (; Get Lit Players - teenage wizards with poetry from the sonnets of Shakespeare to hip-hop - who tour Southern California school assemblies, also competing nationally in contests and a drum circle will conclude the event.   (One or two additional special music guests TBA.)

The... (more)

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Watts Towers- 50 Years Inspiring Art!

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Sep 29, 2009

The Watts Towers-50 Years Inspiring Art!

Los Angeles-A plethora of international drummers showcased the music and dance of their respective cultures at the 28th Annual Watts Towers Day of the Drum Festival, Saturday, September 26, 2009.

An all-star line-up of world class musicians, singers and dancers gathered for this auspicious event at the Watts Towers Arts Center, 10:00-6:00PM.

The Drum Festival featured Native American group Cuauhtemoc Mexica Dance, all women drummers SHINE Mawusi, Drumline Challenge between Centennial High School and Washington High School,... (more)

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