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Mo' Than A Cup Of Joe...

By Kim, published on Sep 5, 2008

A writer's wish is a true sanctuary where they can write with mental freedom...and get published.

There's open space, nice lighting, low key surroundings, cool music that isn't intrusive and includes all from blues to oldies, minimal distractions from customers in conversation, an unhurried atmosphere, caffeine in varied formats, and the hum of the espresso machine that almost assists the writer articulate their thoughts.

Groundwork Coffee at Traction and 3rd Street is in the very core of the Arts district in downtown Los Angeles. You can stop and chill out... (more)

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Blues Bash At The Rainbow Lagoon

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Sep 2, 2008

...Long to the Rainbow Lagoon, and encourage people to take public transportation like myself and many others arriving for the festival. Everyone was in agreement about the new venue was cooler with many trees providing shade as well as the cool breeze coming off of the ocean.

Now to the music, KJAZZ 88.1/FM, Bill Silva Presents and Rum and Humble presented the 29th Annual Long Beach Blues Festival, August 30 and 31, at the Rainbow Lagoon in Downtown Long Beach. An estimated crowd of over 18,000 enjoyed two marvelous days of blues. This festival is the most highly anticipated event... (more)

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Duh Na. Duh Na.

By slowasigo, published on Aug 31, 2008

Twenty years ago I sat in a Disneyland amphitheater as a member of the Southern California Youth Symphony. Playing second trumpet doesn’t typically afford inspiring solos nor dramatic musical interludes. This performance was different. We were performing music by John Williams. As an uncooperative student of classical music, two instruments, and neighborhood beat downs, playing such popular music as Star Wars, Superman and Raiders of the Lost Ark was geek-squad equivalents of dunking a basketball, kissing a cheerleader or owning a car.

John Williams is one of the most prolific... (more)

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Break Out Blues And A Taste Of Much More@ Parkway Grill

By Kim, published on Aug 30, 2008

...soulful session that occurred Friday night August 15th, at the Parkway Grill in Pasadena. The packed lounge and bar area was alive with easy conversation, food and drink; I was seated with a friend. As we settled in for an evening of dinner and Friday night relaxation, we anticipated a wondrous musical experience.

Pianist - David Arnay and Bassist - Nedra Wheeler serenaded us with an array of tunes that would take us on an explicitly soulful journey. The combination of the 2 seasoned musicians lured the audience all night. David and Nedra would also inspire a couple of ardent Jazz... (more)

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Orangina, Shake It... Not In Public!

By J.N. PAQUET, published on Aug 29, 2008

...a doe and a bear, both quite undressed (well… nothing really disgusting since animals are generally naked in real life, aren’t they?). After some endless dances and choreography with giraffes, pandas, rabbits and other animals pole dancing, all drinking the soft drink on Salsa music, the advert ends with Orangina bottles exploding between the thighs of happy looking zebras, which we must admit (with a smile) is a little bit limit…

Dr Pepper Snapple Group, owner of Orangina since 2000, did not comment.

As for the Advertising Standards... (more)

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Top Ten Outdoor Venues In Los Angeles

By Josh Marks, published on Aug 21, 2008

...some things in this town can survive beyond the last pilot season. Since 1922, the Bowl at Bolton Canyon has been thrilling audiences under the stars as the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The nearly 18,000-seat amphitheatre has also hosted hundreds of musical events under the famous orchestra shell (the fifth and newest shell was constructed in 2004). From the Playboy Jazz Festival to Radiohead, the Bowl continues to be a world-class music destination in the heart of Hollywood. DODGER STADIUM Address: 1000 Elysian... (more)

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Overcome Your Phobias, With Past Life Regression Therapy

By Seema Upadhyay, published on Aug 13, 2008

... PLRT?

We do not advise this therapy for psychotic conditions as the patients in schizophrenia or psychotic depression and this therapy could add further to his delusional life and not develop insight.

Well I did undergo a PLRT with Trupti and felt much better after the session. The music that she uses to get a person in trance is Tibetan and is very soothing and relaxing; I went in trance immediately, it could be due to lack of sleep the previous night or meeting up with the deadline to write this article; Well jokes apart my past life did give me an insight in my... (more)

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A Time For Cheers, A Time For Tears

By Glenn T, published on Aug 13, 2008

...sniffling, red-eyed disaster, holed up in my living room alone (so as to avoid the embarassment of publicly humiliating myself) and watching the endless hours of Olympic coverage - nearly every moment of the day for the next two weeks. And it's never during the swelling-orchestral-music/ athlete-silhouetted-in-front-of-their-hometown-sunset/ here's-why-you-should-cheer-for-this-guy parts of the broadcasts. It's watching the competitions themselves, and those unparalleled medal ceremonies. Winning, like many previously wonderful things, has become corporate and... (more)

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The Soul Of The Long Beach Jazz Festival

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Aug 12, 2008

...21st Annual Long Beach Jazz Festival, August 8-10 presented by Rainbow Promotions. Nary could a speck of grass be seen by mid afternoon as a colorful array of blankets, towels, beach chairs, pop-up tents and umbrellas blanketed the grounds of the festival. Southern California’s premiere music festival presenting the best of jazz, R&B, Latin jazz and neo-soul was sold out for the entire weekend. A pleasant jazzy breeze hovered over the festival all weekend.

The festival got under way on Friday night with welcoming remarks from Al Williams-jazz festival founder, local... (more)

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Friday Night Frenzy

By Kim, published on Aug 8, 2008

...Friday Night Jazz Series.

In fact, we reveled in the mix of fiery Jazz, Venezuelan influences with hints of classical cleverly expressed by the ensemble.

The quartet has a soul connection that is apparent in their exchange of euphoric expressions on many tunes. As the musicians played, a few magical links and smiles were shared on varied tunes between:

Otmaro Ruiz -Piano and Jimmy Banly -Drums.

Edwin Livingston -Bass and Jimmy on Drums

Ben Wendel - Sax and Edwin on Bass

There were fascinating moments in a musical... (more)

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