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Now This Is A Happy Hour!

By Kim, published on Dec 15, 2008

...and Central America.

The drink menu presents a fantastic selection of mixed drinks, wines, and... very smooth, sleek, and splendid drink known as " Supremo Mojito." It is true to its name.

I'd add to this list a friendly and sensitive clientele, wonderful ambience, cool music (Wednesday and Friday nights), and tasty appetizers during the happy hour.

It a plus to know that even when the place is crowded with people, the atmosphere seems to remain one where you can find refuge and solace if you need it.

The bartenders are attentive and... (more)

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Memories Are Unforgettable

By Ladymaggic, published on Dec 15, 2008

...and the past returns to make me smile with the delight of memory, and the joy of being in love and loved. The love may have receded like his hairline, but the memory of the everlasting love lingers, and brings the smile back to my face over the distance of the years. The potent combination of music, voice and image, will always have the power to harness the past to the present and the now, and lines such as 'Darling, it is so incredible that someone so unforgettable, thinks that I am unforgettable too." still make me feel special and bleat with nostalgia. The memory of being young,... (more)

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Lads And Lassies Go Global For Cancer Research In Scotland

By pennylane986, published on Dec 14, 2008 the states. Candles are placed in decorated bags around the grass in memory of, with hope and thoughts for or in celebration of a survivor of cancer. Their bags for the ceremony could be purchased for five pounds each, or around ten USD.The Rockaways played a moving cover song by well-known musician Josh Groban, featuring the vocals of Pacifica local Fitzpatrick, titled “To Where You Are” as well as a song written and produced by the band’s own Rich Motylewski, a song that truly captures the spirit of bringing two countries together for a global cause.Everyone... (more)

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They Conquered The Los Angeles Forum

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Dec 12, 2008


“We roll tonight to the guitar bite.”

AC/DC is a time capsule, they haven't missed a beat...they haven't lost their touch...they stood the test of time. Age has not stopped them from giving us a great performance because AC/DC has stayed true to themselves, and to the music. They always go back to the foundation, the blues, and they never stop learning the craft.

I learned something very special those two nights. I learned to keep the spirit of youth as we get older. I've always believed that and especially more now that I have seen a band as old as... (more)

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The Music Killer

By Show Time, published on Dec 5, 2008

As I reviewed THE MUSIC KILLER, I knew that somewhere lurking in the shadows, Hitchcock, Serling and King were snickering at me as I peered up at the screen from beneath a theatre seat. Just you wait! The portrayal of The Music Killer by Justin Melick will have you crying for your mommy......

The Story Line....

According to Harlan Cross(The Killer), he didn't murder his wife, he simply corrected the mistake she had made. It seems that Mrs. Cross had committed sin with another man, a sin which had resulted in her being with child, a boy as it were. In his defense,... (more)

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L.A. Peeps: Re-meet Mike Simmons, Singer-Songwriter

By M.J. Hamada, published on Nov 29, 2008

In ourprevious interview, Mike spoke about hisearly performances and about his experiences on the road.He discussed the differences between the East Coast and West Coast music scenes, and he offered some words of wisdom to aspiring musicians. Mike had just signed on with Stanley Talent Management Inc., and he planned on recording an EP in Nashville.

I met up with Mike again to see how things have progressed.It turns out, his path took a different direction than he'd hoped.Mike ran into a few obstacles, and his struggles not onlyput a detour in his path, but also in thetype of music... (more)

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The Explosive Rock Of Star Off Machine

By Gary Schwind, published on Nov 27, 2008

At the 2007 Orange County Music Awards, Star Off Machine was nominated for Best Live Band and won the award for Best hard Rock Band. At the Huntington Beach Beer Company, Jeremy (far left, bass), Tut (2nd from left, drums), and Robin (far right, guitar) discussed the band's influences, shows, and what they have learned from headliners they've played with.

Tell me about the name Star Off Machine.(R) It’s from a Dr. Seuss book called The Sneetches. It’s about conformity. There was a machine built that put stars on the belly. Everyone wanted to be a part of it so they jumped... (more)

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Irreverent Musical To Roast San Francisco Seeks Talent.

By SF Follies, published on Nov 20, 2008

Bay Area Theatre Director and Producer John Bisceglie, who is best known for his elaborate and colorful musical productions, will be producing and directing his SF Follies musical revue at the Actors Theatre in San Francisco, opening February 6th, 2009.

The SF Follies takes a wicked wink at San Francisco'ss past, present and future. The show lampoons the City'ss popular landmarks, attractions, personalities, neighborhoods, institutions and events, making it the one show the San Francisco Board of supervisors doesn'st want you to see.

With hippies, flappers, rabid sea lions,... (more)

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Hold Your Breath...

By Kim, published on Nov 18, 2008

There was a nod from the head of the man who is - a master of musical arts. Everything was set for fixated amazement. His left hand was the one to watch as he began a series of chord progressions that invoked a sound of sheer pleasure from a few audience addicts, while the right hand kept a steady beat.

It was a Jazz heaven in the open air venue of The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. on a Sunday night, November 16, 2008.

McCoy Tyner, a connoisseur in the Jazz World from the days of when he was with the legendary John Coltrane Quartet presented the captivated crowd with a priceless... (more)

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Big Apple Jazz: Ez Woodshed Cafe

By Kim, published on Nov 14, 2008 invigorating cafe that was a true gem. Although it closed its doors June 24, 2008, the venue remains a memorable location in the hearts of many. The " Big Apple" or "Woodshed" was a favorite for afternoon Jazz seekers as they could come in and experience live Jazz performed by local jazz musicians, enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or a soft drink, absorb a compelling read from one of the wide variety of books on hand, pick up a CD of Jazz artists ranging from John Coltrane to community Jazz vocalist Annette St. John. And, a host of other Straight Ahead to Swing Jazz Artists.

... (more)

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