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In Safe Hands - a prayer for Sai Baba of Shirdi.

By iancochrane, published on Feb 27, 2013

...of white. Meet the Indian mystic Sai Baba of Shirdi; a holy man, guru, sufi or saint, who may have been Muslim or Hindu – nobody seems too sure.

I’m taking an open-sided auto-rickshaw – túk-túk in local speak – from the office back to my hotel. The trip takes an hour now that Mumbai is awake. Roller doors shuttered this morning are now wide open. Teams of tradesmen toil in fluorescentlit sweatshops gathered in dedicated neighbourhoods; now we’re passing furniture-makers, next monumental stonemasons with grit-covered faces. Other shopfronts are cluttered with a miscellany ... (more)

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Crime Rate High In Mumbai

By Seema Upadhyay, published on Nov 21, 2008

Mumbai is known as the city of dreams, the financial capital of India.People from across the globe come here to do business. Whether its the monsoon floods or bomb blasts the Mumbaikars are always united.

Of late the crime rate is increasing in the city. Though I felt it was one of the safest cities not just in India but world over. Having travelled alot and alone I always felt safe here. But the incident last sunday really scared me to death.

I was in Lokhandwala, Andheri, one of the most happening suburbs of Mumbai. Known of the glitterati of tinseltown. I withdrew Rs.10,000... (more)

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