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Acoustics of a Train

By Credo, published on Sep 29, 2013

Ever noticed the acoustics of a train?

Like the way it moves,rumbling about shaking like a dragon fly in the storm's rain.

Each wheel 's teeth grinding the rails, devouring the track

Causes a sail blowing full bloom in the wind.

The train whistling as it moves forward and then back

Reaching, bellowing, quivering like a spoiled child in hunger pains

Inching down the tracks, cursing inflammation and insanity, pretending to be sane.

Couldn't ever wonder what a motor car would say if it could speak gin.

That If it had vocal cords,... (more)

Tags: mta, road, tracks, railway, third rail, locomotive, long island, rail, electric trains

A Brief Encounter And Glimpse Of A Midlife Crisis

By KLiedle, published on Jan 29, 2010

I am a big believer in public transportation. Mostly the subway, sometimes [not often] the bus. Whenever I can realistically ditch my car, I will. Yes, sometimes my fellow riders smell funny or scratch themselves or speak in funny languages I can't understand. But other times, my encounters are more revealing in other ways. Occasionally, I'm touched by the snapshots of life I'm able to observe and those people that fleetingly pass through my day. Here's one from awhile back:

Midlife Crisis on the Orange Line

Another stop. The doors open. A Latino man sits next to me. He is of... (more)

Tags: brief encounters, human stories, l.a. metro orange line, mta, public transportation los angeles

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