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The Rearview Mirror

By Randy Mitchell, published on Feb 11, 2014 the past, you’re internally changing your present.

How can something you’ve kept inside for so long be let go? It’s not easy, but it can be done with a little effort and self-reflection.

In personal relationships, learning to forgive and forget is the best way of moving forward. It may sound easier said than done, but forgiving someone who has hurt you can be extremely therapeutic. Strive to let things stay in the past and don’t allow them to affect your present. Once you learn to forgive the ones who’ve caused your pain, you will find it much easier to heal... (more)

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How can we straighten out this drug addict?

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jun 27, 2012

A marvelous story regarding a life of a drug user. Going into never before a life story has encompassed with so much passion how the drugs and then how to give them up has taken it’s toll on a life.

When you walk the streets in Kings Cross which I did last night, you see the drug addicts and wonder what their life is like. I have been enlightened to know how hard it is to give up these drugs.

Governments of the day have been working out whether to legalise the substances, yet the hospital’s will still have the problems. Our health system will like never before be in undated.... (more)

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