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July Featured Contributor - Dlferguson

By Digidave, published on Aug 7, 2008 Many times I’ll get inspiration or ideas to write simply by walking or driving around my neighborhood or talking to people. Everybody here has an opinion and they’re not afraid to give it to you. And people want to hear your opinion as well.I see you like writing about movies - when did that start? What is the best review you think you've written?The movie reviews started maybe five years ago. I’ve always loved movies and at heart I think I’m actually a frustrated film director. I was working on a novel and I hit a bad patch. Instead of just stopping ... (more)

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The X-files: I Want To Believe

By DLFerguson, published on Aug 6, 2008

...that oh, snap! we’re supposed to be solving the disappearance of an FBI agent, ain’t we?

I think that if you’re a dedicated “X-Files” fan then you’re going to get a lot more out of this than I did. It’s not that it’s a bad movie. The performances by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will definitely make their fans happen as they slip back into Mulder and Scully with no problem. Duchovny and Anderson actually show some emotion in their scenes together as they well should because a considerable amount of screen... (more)

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America's New Game: Fantasy Picks For Batman 3

By Crowbar, published on Aug 6, 2008

...Batman mythos or will it succumb to tired and true name brand recognition that had ruined the franchise in the past?

Sure, The Dark Knight was one of the best adaptations of the popular DC Comics character ever. Sure, the haunting portrayal of the Joker by Heath Ledger helped launch this movie into the mega blockbuster region only previously reserved for Star Wars, Spiderman, and Titanic. But should there be another Batman movie?

The Dark Knight will go down into the history books as being the second highest grossing movie of all time, probably pushing over the 500 million... (more)

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Cross Over Culture: Snoop Dogg Takes It On

By wolviela, published on Aug 6, 2008

...on an album with him. Or wait was it Tim McGraw collaborating an album with Nelly?

Whatever the case, seems like Rap stars are spreading their wings. The LB's (that's Long Beach) own Snoop Dogg has collaborated with Bollywood's star Akshay Kumar in a video for the title track of the movie, Singh is King which opens Friday.

Some say Snoop is the King of Rap and Kumar is the King of Bollywood. (I always thought this was held by Sharuk Khan). But whatever the case maybe, this joint venture is sure to rocket both careers in a way they never imagined.

But wait you... (more)

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Father Figure

By V, published on Aug 5, 2008

... in a disturbingly vivid way - of my father. At fourteen years of age when I first laid eyes on him “Driving Miss Daisy”, I was instantly struck with affection for him. This affection has grown even more rapidly than his career.

Morgan Freeman’s character goes down in a movie, I’m baying for blood. Someone wrongs him, I want justice of an intensity that even the screenwriter couldn’t have predictedin anaudience reaction. And God forbid he’s injured or dies! I am howling inconsolably on the floor, streams of tears, snot and spit criss-crossing... (more)

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The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

By DLFerguson, published on Aug 3, 2008

... undead armies did go on about five minutes longer than it should have and it’s true that Brendan Fraser didn’t have to yell: “I hate mummies!” seemingly every fifteen minutes. But I was willing to overlook all that and just allow myself to enjoy what is essentially a B-movie with an A-budget. It’s not the best of ‘The Mummy’ movies but it does exactly what it’s designed to do and really, that’s all I ask from any movie.

Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) and his wife Evelyn (Maria Bello) live in a splendid... (more)

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By wolviela, published on Jul 28, 2008

After reading Jhumpa Lahiri's "The Namesake," a East Indian film editor friend of mine informed me that this was going to be turned into a movie. Thiswas tobe directed by none other Mira Nair. If you haven't see a movie by her I highly recommend it. Her directing is so well done that watching her movies makes you feel like you are there.

Last yeara friend recommended a book called, "Shantaram." It sounded interesting, and 900 pages later, it still kept me interested. Shantaram is not written by an East Indian author, but an Australian author, who bases his book on his real life experience.... (more)

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By DLFerguson, published on Jul 28, 2008

...which is a term that pulp writers used back then to describe something they wrote strictly for eating money: to keep the ‘pot’ at home ‘boiling’ on the stove. WANTED has a whole lot of A-talent on the screen and behind the camera. But everybody involved in this movie knows exactly what they’re making: a potboiler. It’s something they’ll get a check from to keep the pots boiling on the stove while they’re waiting for a more prestigious project to come along. And since they know this, they’re able to relax and give WANTED... (more)

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The Dark Knight

By DLFerguson, published on Jul 21, 2008

...Bob Kane

Something really special happened to me while watching THE DARK KNIGHT. Sometime around the part where The Joker and Harvey Dent are having a very revealing conversation in Gotham General Hospital I realized that I wasn’t just watching a good superhero movie. I was watching a good movie, period. The summer of 2008 has been a very good summer for superheroes in general and along with several other popular comic book based movies, THE DARK KNIGHT has successfully straddled the worlds of the comic book fan and the average movie goer. Movies based... (more)

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The Incredible Hulk

By DLFerguson, published on Jul 13, 2008

...Hulk” created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

For those of you who haven’t heard my yelling in the wilderness before now, allow me to yell some more: I thoroughly enjoyed the Ang Lee directed “Hulk” and still think it’s one of the best superhero movies made. For years fanboys whined that superhero movies weren’t treated with respect. Well, they got a movie with an intelligent script, an A-list director, a top notch cast, photographed with style and imagination and what did they do? BMW’ed that there wasn’t enough... (more)

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