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It Was A Very Dark Night....

By Show Time, published on Nov 5, 2008 with the King. Man he taught us some grooves ain't nobody ever heard before. We found out how to reach into your heart with music. Be a believer man, come see."

And that is all I can tell you. You just have to go see and listen. Then you decide what really happened. Born Again? I'd say that's exactly what happened to the boys in this band. LUKE'S CABBAGE STORE..Watch for the band..and the movie.

If you want to talk to them..Michael, Daryl, Brian, Shannon, Antonio or them at They will reply...from somewhere.


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10 Days Of Horror (day Nine)

By Dude Poole, published on Oct 31, 2008

I will be the first to admit that I totally got wrapped up in the hype of this movie leading up to its release. In my opinion this movie had some of the best marketing to ever accompany a movie. I think the biggest problem with this movie is the people that did not get into the web hype that built up before the movie was released in the theatres.The thing is, the movie was presented to people as a real-life story of three documentarians that went off in the woods in search of footage of the Blair Witch of Burkittsville, Maryland. A web-site was launched way before the movie was released, to... (more)

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10 Days Of Horror (day Eight)

By Dude Poole, published on Oct 30, 2008

So when I was 13, I was introduced to the world of vampires through the movie The Lost Boys. Now, when I was 13, this movie may have been the coolest movie I had seen up to that time. For a boy of that age, it was oozing with coolness and just made you want to become a vampire, even if it meant dealing with longer finger nails, bad breath, and sleeping all day. At the time, it would not have changed the way my summer was passing anyway.Rewatching the movie has not really changed anything for me. I still think it is simmering in a nice coolness broth that keeps the movie afloat and makes you... (more)

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10 Days Of Horror (day Seven)

By Dude Poole, published on Oct 30, 2008

So cruising along through day seven of the ten and I am starting to get comfortable again. I think that I am starting to realize that older horror movies do not age well. Maybe it is something about the music, the effects, the 70s style porn hair and clothing, but for some reason to me these older movies just do not age well when it comes to the fright factor. I think there is an exception to this from time to time, in the cases of movies like The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, Psycho, and Suspiria, to name a few.I decided to watch Amityville Horror to see if this could also be an exception to... (more)

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10 Days Of Horror (day Six)

By Dude Poole, published on Oct 29, 2008

I really hate it when people review a horror movie and try and tell you that it is a social commentary about the current times. For example, the movie Dawn of the Dead (the original) is often referred as a social commentary of the time. As taken from Roger Ebert's review of the movie: "Their eventual fates are not as interesting as their behavior in the meantime; there is nothing quite like a plague of zombies to wonderfully focus your attention on what really matters to you. Romero has his own ideas, too, and the shopping center becomes a brilliant setting for a series of comic and satiric... (more)

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10 Days Of Horror (day Five)

By Dude Poole, published on Oct 27, 2008

... bump with Children of the Corn, and since then I recovered well with The Frighteners and Sweeney Todd, so I felt like I needed to keep the momentum going. I have owned Lady in White by Frank LaLoggia for a few years now, and never got around to watching this on DVD. I think that I have seen this movie close to ten times on HBO when I was growing up back in the late 80s, early 90s. The funny thing is that with all the times I have seen the movie, I do not remember the first ten minutes at all. Maybe I never watched the first ten minutes before since it was on HBO, I probably came in late... (more)

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10 Days Of Horror (day Four)

By Dude Poole, published on Oct 27, 2008

So I saw a live play version of this story in Chicago some years back, and I have been hesitant to see the movie for fear that I would not be able to enjoy it due to a bias from my younger years of seeing it on stage. My memories of Sweeney Todd on stage is not only a great memory, but it is how I lost my virginity to stage productions. So as they say, you always remember your first.The one bright point that has always attracted me to the film version was that it was being done by Tim Burton (and we would get to hear Johnny Depp and Sacha Cohen sing). I thought that if anyone could capture... (more)

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10 Days Of Horror (day Three)

By Dude Poole, published on Oct 24, 2008

So after a setback on day two of the 10 Days of Horror, I pushed on to try and finish out the final eight days of my movie marathon. I think people have been feeling my pain after watching Children of the Corn yesterday, because they have been walking up to me with Dixie cups filled with watered-down Gatorade and towels to wipe myself down with. So as the marathon continues and I fight through the movie cramps that pop up during my trek, I keep looking ahead to better movies.So hoping to rebound from the last movie, I decided to go with a little lighter fare and watch a "horror" movie that... (more)

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10 Days Of Horror (day Two)

By Dude Poole, published on Oct 23, 2008

So day two hits and I feel like I am already hitting the wall. Maybe I should have ended with Suspiria, but already viewing Suspiria yesterday has led me to try and find the eject button to this ten day madness. I am not sure what I think that I saw in this movie back when I originally saw it, but this movie is not very good. So the premise goes something like this. Some kids decide to kill all the people in the town older than 19 years of age. Then at an undisclosed time in the near future some travlers happen upon the town by accident. Why? Because surprisingly they decided to not stay on... (more)

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10 Days Of Horror (day One)

By Dude Poole, published on Oct 23, 2008

So last night I snuggled up to my blanky and my dark home theater for the first day in my lonely horror-fest. I thought I would watch a movie that I have not seen in a while. Suspiria is one of those films that upon first viewing seems very campy, but upon subsequent views becomes a very engaging and powerful film. The story opens with an American dance student arriving in Germany to attend a dance school when all sorts of craziness and horror begin unfolding.One of the best things about the film is the vivid imagery and use of colors. I swear that M. Night Shymalangadingdong must have taken... (more)

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