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Crap Consuming Underwater Cockroaches: Mmm, Mmm Good!

By john robertson, published on Jan 17, 2009

Some things are just never as good as they promise to be. For example: sequels to previously good summer blockbusters. The movie version of best selling novels. Folksy presidents from Texas who struggle with English. FEMA after a flood in the French Quarter. The grass on the other side.When I was a kid my folks got it in their minds that moving us out of the burbs and onto a ranch in the country would be a wholesome way to raise up their brood. They purchased a three acre ranch fully furnished with props. It came with a pony named Trigger, a coop full of hens and one rooster, a pond with ducks... (more)

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I Would Be A Procrastinator But I Keep Putting It Off

By Michelle Yang, published on Jan 12, 2009 do. And it’s not so much that procrastinators do nothing, in actuality, procrastinators do a lot – a lot of things that may not be the intended target, but marginally useful things such as reorganizing file systems, doing laundry, reading the last chapter of The War of Art, watching a movie for research, even strolling around the neighborhood trying to gather inspiration. Why do we do these things? Because they are a way of not doing what’s really important. If for me doing the laundry was the most important thing in my life, I’m sure I would find a reason not to do it.

... (more)

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The Taming Of The Shoe

By Glenn T, published on Dec 16, 2008

...apparently the federal government has decided that with one quart’s worth of three ounce containers of things, there is no possible way that one can reliably make an explosive device.

Have these people never watched MacGyver? Or for that matter, ever seen a James Bond movie? Honestly, I’m quite certain that the only thing this restriction is preventing is the satisfactory grooming of business travelers. But hey, if you’d like to feel safe, and as if no decently motivated and well-funded terrorist group could come up with a plan circumventing this,... (more)

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Buzz About New Green Hornet Car, The Black Beauty

By Ed Attanasio, published on Dec 16, 2008

With the new Green Hornet movie in pre-production (release date 2010; screenplay by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg) everyone is starting to talk about the car that will be featured in the film. Rumors are flying around about who will design it, who will build it and what it will look like.

If you’re over 45 years old (like me) you probably remember the Green Hornet TV series, which unfortunately only lasted one season (1966-67) and starred Van Williams as the Green Hornet and the legendary Bruce Lee as his sidekick Kato. The Green Hornet radio show debuted in 1936 and in 1940 the... (more)

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The Music Killer

By Show Time, published on Dec 5, 2008

...reinforced Harlan's commitment to correct mistakes. Not his, the ones other people make. His primary agenda was to find and correct the mistake his wife had produced with that..other man. And those who would stand in his way are also transgressors and must therefore be corrected.

In movie THE MUSIC KILLER, Harlan is apparently shot to death by a county constable. During his correction spree, Harlan has killed a mother of two whose car he stole, his own mother, the foster father of the lost and wayward boy and now seeks to kill the boy himself. Thank God, Harlan is finally ... (more)

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Cotton Comes To Harlem

By DLFerguson, published on Dec 5, 2008

...20 years in prison. He started writing while in prison and after being paroled his career took off. He wrote nine very successful novels about a pair of black Harlem detectives called Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson and it was most of those novels I read growing up and it was a movie version of one of those novels, COTTON COMES TO HARLEM that was made into a wildly successful movie during the blaxplotation boom of the 1970’s and 1980’s and even today, over 30 years later, COTTON COMES TO HARLEM stands as not only a worthy adaptation of the wonderfully gritty ... (more)

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.. Slumdog Style

By wolviela, published on Nov 30, 2008

The name of the title is atrocious, but definitely gets your attention.

For those of my readers who have been to Bombay, sorry I refuse to say Mumbai you will watch this movie with different eyes than those who have not.

Unfortunately, Fox Searchlight pictures and the directors of this film are not far off in the capturing the life and people of Bombay. Someone over there must have watched Salaam Bombay!, before attempting this film and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the children used in this film were actually from the slums of Bombay. If so, good for them and... (more)

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L.A. Peeps: Re-meet Mike Simmons, Singer-Songwriter

By M.J. Hamada, published on Nov 29, 2008

...songs that are more honest, more vulnerable and more "miserable" (but in a good way).

In January, Mike will be taking his current collection of songs—Love Might Have Been the Thing That Could Have Saved Me—on tour in London.

TRIVIA:Favorite recent movie: I'm Not There.Often-played CDs: Ryan Adams' Demolition and Love Is Hell.Number of U.S. states you've performed in: The contiguous 48.Your most captivated audience: At The Living Room in New York.Number-one thing on your mind these days: The next six months.New metaphor for L.A.: An island lost ... (more)

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Quantum Of Solace

By DLFerguson, published on Nov 22, 2008 Marc Forster

Produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli

Screenplay by Joshua Zetumer, Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade

Based on characters and a story written by Ian Fleming

I come by my love of James Bond movies honestly. My dad took me to see “Diamonds Are Forever” in the theaters way back in 1971. And since then I’ve seen every James Bond movie first in the theaters. Day One. I’m there. Because James Bond is something I’ve grown up with. I even stuck with the... (more)

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Angel Heart

By DLFerguson, published on Nov 16, 2008 still have the same effect on me after all this time? My happy answer is: YES. "Angel Heart" remains one of my personal favorites because it is photographed so well, the performances are all outstanding and it combines the private eye and supernatural genres flawlessly. It's a hell of a movie and given the subject matter, I mean that quite literally.Harry Angel is a private detective in 1955 New York and he's definitely not Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe. When we first see him he looks like he's coming off a three-day binge. He's contacted by a lawyer named Winesap ("Law &... (more)

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