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Movie Review / Comparison - The Wicker Man(s)

By Alethea, published on Sep 21, 2006

*Warning* - *Contains movie spoilers* The 2006 release of the Wicker Man provided some with hopes that it would equate the excellence of the original 1973 version, while others dreaded it would be another flop remake. I was one of those hopeful moviegoers that decided to see if the remake could live up to its original standards. Alas, it failed. The basic story is laid out like this. A policeman gets news of a missing girl, is lead to an island of pagans who deny the girl’s existence and from there the policeman searches the island for clues as to what happened and who is responsible.... (more)

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Elijah Wood on Main Street

By Ariel, published on Aug 28, 2006

...very friendly. It was unclear if they were friends or just fans of Frodo, the hobbit of the Lord of the Rings. He looked really down to earth and laid back, not really Hollywood style "I'm-better-than-everyone-and-I'm-gonna-show-it", which is much appreciated. I was expecting him to be very short, but I guess he is actually much taller than a hobbit. I was also expecting him to have hairy feet but it didn't seem to be the case either. Elijah Wood lives in Venice Beach. He will appear with a completely bald head in his next movie "Day Zero". No release date has been disclosed as of now. (more)

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Review: World Trade Center

By Ariel, published on Aug 18, 2006

I saw World Trade Center by Oliver Stone last Friday at the Loews Marina on Maxella Ave. I was quite excited about seeing this movie because I usually like Oliver Stone's movies and I was very curious to see what he would do with such a sensitive topic. Unlike most of my friends I found the trailers pretty promising and it's for this reason that I dragged my reluctant girlfriend to the theater to make my own opinion. My first surprise was to see that the theater was rather empty for a first Friday night and a movie dealing with 9/11 starring Nicolas Cage. Anyways, on to the actual movie. The... (more)

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Open Water... Can't They Make an Interesting Movie About Sharks?

By Noa, published on Aug 15, 2006

Open Water looked like a promising movie at first. It has sharks in it, and beautiful ocean views, so I thought, "how can you go wrong with this?". Unfortunately, I was mistaken. The movie putters along at an unbearably slow pace, which is probably intentional because it makes you experience the character's trials as realistically as possible. However, it's boring as hell. To my great displeasure, I have noticed this trend creeping up in more and more movies lately. Instead of focusing on the interesting highlights of a certain experience, some movies now drag the viewer through every boring... (more)

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