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"Stranger than Fiction", Harder to Pass Up

By Hassassin, published on Dec 5, 2006

Have you ever browsed through a movie rental store (yes, I realize I’m probably the only one left without a NetFlix membership) and wondered how they decide which genre to stock the movies in? I always thought there must be a handful of movies that were a nightmare to stock, whether it was because too much drama had bled into a comedy, or perhaps a little too much romance had softened an action flick. In most cases, I found that the harder it was to categorize the movie, the harder time I had putting the VHS—ok let’s say DVD—down. This phenomenon has not been lost on modern filmmakers,... (more)

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The Fresh Princess of Bel-Air

By V, published on Dec 3, 2006

...on collision with a car, and the evil men following me were forced to abandon reverse and move on, leaving me behind. Trying to get my bike back up and get myself across the road to the 'safe house' before the men had a chance to come back, I fell over a few more times. Just like in a horror movie, I was so shaken I couldn't seem to physically control anything. With great relief, I finally made it across the road and headed directly for the security guard in his little booth at this imposing front gate. As I drew nearer, something about him seemed amiss. Wary, I approached slowly, only... (more)

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In God We Trust

By Stephanie Michele, published on Dec 3, 2006

... they can’t pay lawsuits or why they need to considerably reduce the settlement amounts. Dig deeper and you will find the Roman Catholic Church operates and profits from seemly separate companies ranging from fast food franchises to separate non-profit organizations. Remember the Brad Pitt movie, Meet Joe Black? This film was shot at the Aldrich Mansion on Narragansett Bay, one of the 220 corporate subsidiaries of the Roman Catholic diocese of Providence. The film took six weeks to film on a property that charges $3000 to hold a baby shower there – do the math, where is all this ... (more)

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Look at me

By Ariel, published on Dec 1, 2006

Although I grew up in France, I never liked wine, stinky cheese or cigarettes. To tell you the truth, there isn't much I actually miss from this country, except maybe its culture: French literature is often excellent and some of their movies are also extremely smart. 'Look at me' (original title: 'Comme une image', released in France in 2004) is one of these movies. Written by couple Agnes Jaoui / Jean-Pierre Bacri -- famous in France for their multiple collaborations on plays and movies -- 'Look at me' is a depiction of the social existence of a small group of writers and artists in Paris... (more)

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The Art of

By maceo manhattan, published on Dec 1, 2006 up every casting and model agency, and hot DJ to get the party started. It is all about the image and the connotation. Product placement includes beautiful women and “Hollywood” style parties. A good promoting company (inside or outside) will have themed events ranging from movie premiers to DVD releases to celebrity birthday parties. Non-profit events and after parties are also a good choice. Once all these elements are in place, its time to call up the celebrities. The PR team for the club must make as close to direct contact as possible with celebrities (i.e.... (more)

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Herpes Or Hair Pieces, It's All In The Translation

By Steven Lane, published on Nov 23, 2006

In 1982, we brought $500,000 in hard currency, dollars, greenbacks, to Czechoslovakia. Instead of a barn, the Czechs had a castle and we were going to make a movie. The concept was, I give them the half million and they give me about $2,000,000 in services. They supply a crew, sets, equipment, food, studio and all kinds of other stuff. They get the almighty dollars, and they pay everyone they hire or buy things from in the local currency, Kronas. This is money that is worthless to anyone that doesn't live there and not worth much to those that do.

The commies didn't trust us and Regan... (more)

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By Chris Soth, published on Nov 23, 2006

...…and that would very likely be: A) something to do w/setting off nuclear weapons in an unauthorized manner, such as to initiate war between two countries, each of whom would blame the other, making an international gold supply radioactive (tho’ Goldfinger’s the BEST Bond movie…), or otherwise enriching them beyond their wildest dreams…or… B) Creating an orbiting death ray…or otherwise destroying the world… That is…there was no SPECIFIC plan for world domination/ending the world. I wrote a geopolitical espionage thing last year... (more)

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Starting Your Own Holiday and Christmas Traditions with Your Family

By Jaci Rae, published on Nov 22, 2006

...bonding. The best way to start family holiday traditions is to gather everyone in the house and have a meeting. Ask everyone to suggest one thing the whole family can do together. Your children might want to help make cookies or your spouse might want to snuggle on the couch for a holiday movie. No matter what they suggest, try them! If everyone has a great time, you can remember to do the same thing each year, therefore creating a family tradition. Of course, if one activity doesn't quite pan out as planned, you can always choose to drop that one and find another. That is how the... (more)

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"My Beef with Borat"

By maceo manhattan, published on Nov 21, 2006

...even crazy, there is no denying that the man knows how to create a character and adapt to situations. When 'Ali G.' flopped at the box office, Sacha Baron Cohen went to his next character “Borat”. He perfected it over a span of eight years and was able to capitalize on it with a movie budget of only 17 million. As I dressed the role of “Borat” for Halloween, I just new this thing was going to be huge. I expeditiously sent out emails to friends and family about how funny the movie would be. I have yet to see the movie, but based on what I have watched the... (more)

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Affirmative Good Buddy

By AM Nelson, published on Nov 19, 2006

...but what’s at stake here is the potential to lose a piece of living culture. If police stopped using code, who be left? Should lawyers, judges, and criminals have all the fun of a code system? We should all use code more. The efficiency of code could be implemented into small talk. Instead of asking your co-worker how his weekend was, a simple numeric utterance could be made. Then, instead of a long story about a game, movie, and getting drunk, three numbers could be mumbled. Clearly code is an efficient system for work communication. All that is needed is standardization. (more)

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