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Blood Diamond

By Steven Lane, published on Dec 26, 2006

...turned diamond miner performs magnificently. Jennifer Connelly, as an American journalist, who is soon to be the mandatory love interest carries her role extremely well. I am not a big fan of film reviews that tell you the entire story and then dissect it scene by scene. So, just go see the movie, I don't think you will be disappointed. Bring the big box of tissues, I cried. As a side note to this missive, I felt some connection to the film in a weird kind of way. In 1988, financial decisions were made and I produced a film in South Africa, "The Howling IV". Apartheid was in full... (more)

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De Niro Delivers on Telling of CIA Beginnings

By Josh Marks, published on Dec 22, 2006 his relationship to his son. “The Good Shepherd” is an epic film and De Niro does a masterful job taking us to a time before many of us were born but is so important to understanding the complex and dangerous world we live in today. Perhaps the greatest achievement of this movie is giving insight to not only the history of the CIA, but also the concept of dedicating oneself to country at the cost of individuality and family. If De Niro decides to continue directing movies of this high quality, Clint could have some company and De Niro might have to make room on his... (more)

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George Clinton, Funk Star Extraordinaire Robbed

By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Dec 20, 2006

... Cooper, William Shatner, and possible Jenna Jameson. Judyth Piazza, senior editor for and content editor at, also makes an appearance as a reporter/journalist in the film scheduled for release Halloween 2007. It was because Clinton was on set shooting this horror movie that he was unable to direct attention to the missing video camera earlier, publicist Karen Sundell commented. The camera and various other items had been missing for a week Clinton sought the help of the public. Clinton's agent, Eban Kelly, was unavailable for comment concerning the theft.... (more)

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Tie Dyed Topanga Canyon...1964

By Steven Lane, published on Dec 17, 2006

...short drive up the hill. It was established in 1965 and despite repeated attempts by officials to close it down over the years, one could still get nekkid as late as 2001 0r 2002. Keep driving toward the Valley and you would find the above mentioned "Outside Inn". Straight out of a cheap horror movie, this two story house/candy shop was spackled into the middle of a canyon curve. Upon entry, one of those little brass bells attached to the door would jangle. Soon, a gnarled, "I swear he was seven feet tall", old man would slowly appear from upstairs and take your nickles. The second floor... (more)

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Merry Christmas!

By John Wolf, published on Dec 12, 2006

We tried to figure out where the person was coming from who uttered this phrase to her. All we could come up with was fear of the unknown, fear of the misunderstood. In further conversation, we discussed the ensuing war being waged for this holiday season. I use the word war, because this is the word being used by some to describe Christian's belief that there is an effort to eliminate Christmas. I am not so sure of its being an eradication of Christmas as much as an effort to include the other religions that make up the fabric of our society. In an effort to include all faiths, a simple... (more)

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Apocalypto and it's all on Mel's dime.

By Steven Lane, published on Dec 11, 2006

I saw Mel Gibson's new flick, "APOCALYPTO" today. When, I say it is Mel's movie, I meant that in the literal sense. Not only did he write and direct it, the $80 million spent on the film came right out of Mr Gibson's pocket.(L.A. Times) Like him or not, he puts his money where his mouth is. The film is numero uno over the weekend with a reported take of a little over $14.2 million. Stepped right on some happy feet. I wanted to see the film for three different reasons. First, I am planning a trip to Xalapa/Veracruz in late January or early February. That area is on my short list of places I... (more)

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I Will Never See "The Good Shepherd"

By James Tripp, published on Dec 8, 2006

One of the benefits of being in the Screen Actor’s Guild during awards season is that you get to go to free screenings. Sometimes you get to go to screenings before they even open. That’s pretty cool---until lately. Lately the studios have been afraid that people are stealing their movies. Some people are stealing their movies. Not me. Tonight I went to a screening of “The Good Shepherd” and before they would let me in, they wanted to take my camera phone. Are you kidding me? “The Good Shepherd” is a movie about the start of the CIA. I think these guys have been watching their movie... (more)

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Heading to the Lively West

By Josh Marks, published on Dec 7, 2006

Westwood Village is one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The pedestrian friendly streets are lined with Mediterranean-style buildings mixed with small businesses and national retailers. The bustling village is known as the most densely packed movie theatre district in the country and comes alive when Hollywood premieres take place at the Fox Village Theatre (945 Broxton Ave.; 310-208-5576) or across the street at Mann’s Bruin (948 Broxton Ave.; 310-208-8998). However, Westwood Village wasn’t always such a cozy neighborhood. Developed by the Janss family in the 1920s, the... (more)

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Death Race 2000

By Chris Volkay, published on Dec 7, 2006 I’m not a traffic expert, I don’t know what the solutions could or might be, but something needs to be done up here and done quickly. Ban bullet bikes? Add more patrolmen? Call in helicopters that can stay with them? The Crest is a real, tangible danger and letting unsuspecting people travel up here without any type of warning is, in my view, reckless. Oh, and the Death Race 2000 I was referring to was an old Sylvester Stallone movie. The 2000 was a reference to the year 2000. I think the 2000 a more appropriate number in reference to the number of casualties. (more)

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The Lion King at the Pantages in Hollywood

By Noa, published on Dec 6, 2006

...moves which range from western ballet to African dance and which combine human and animal grace and strength were simply astonishing. The agility and flexibility of the dancers themselves was mind-blowing as well. Finally, one has to comment on the music! The western songs from the original movie were written by Elton John and Tim Rice but for the African beats Disney hired South African native Lebo M. to create an authentic and breath-taking sound that would do justice to Africa's rich savanna. Lebo's inspiration for the film's music is Nelson Mandela's 27 year prison sentence which... (more)

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