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Movie Minute: Jennifer's Body

By M.J. Hamada, published on Sep 24, 2009

What would happen if Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody, who broke onto the scene with Juno, were to write a horror-comedy? Jennifer's Body would happen.

Moviegoers (at least those outside of the filmmaking world) don't often concern themselves with who wrote what, so the fact that Diablo Cody's name comes up, alongside Megan Fox's, in association with Jennifer's Body shows what an impact she made with Juno.

How has Cody garnered such attention? Of course, her Oscar win has helped, yet even before that, her stripper-turned-screenwriter story made the news. And then there's... (more)

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The Road To Happiness

By Glenn T, published on Sep 23, 2009

... already found it.There are only three things in my life that have made me so happy that I’ve cried. Each of which I’ve been reminded of recently. Which is not to say only three things have made me cry – hell, after a couple of particularly nuclear break-ups, I’ve been known to cry during movies, sad songs, and certain well-crafted beer commercials. No, these are the sort of tears that result from a shameless and unexpected joy. And these things are happiness. Now, they may not be happiness for you, or they may even be – but I hope you find, after reading about these simple... (more)

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Jim Carroll Is Now One Of The People Who Died

By Ed Attanasio, published on Sep 14, 2009

...Diaries' for which he will forever be immortalized. I spent an afternoon with Carroll in 1998 in NYC and he talked about the influence of the book. "I remember doing this radio show to promote the soundtrack album to 'The Basketball Diaries," he recalled. "All these kids would call in and sayin' I saw the movie & how could you put out all that stuff about your life, how did you get the nerve to do that? I'd say something like, which is true, if you're going to be a writer you have to be able to put out everything about yourself."

Carroll is survived by a brother, Tom.


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Movie Minute: Whiteout

By M.J. Hamada, published on Sep 14, 2009 victim.

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? That's because the story works on paper—that is, on the pages of the graphic novel—but it doesn't translate to the big screen. Not in this case. Not with this director.

One might think thatsuccessful comics-to-screen movies must have stories about superheroes, but that isn't always the case.Take these films, all based on graphic novels: A History of Violence, Road to Perdition, From Hell. Solid films from solid directors (David Cronenberg, Sam Mendes and the Hughes brothers, respectively). If one of these... (more)

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Filmmaker Sonja Dunson: I Wear Many Hats

By Gary Schwind, published on Sep 11, 2009

...that, I published my own magazine, Black Hollywood. That was for actors, actresses, music, behind-the-scenes, and all phases of the entertainment business. I had that from 1977 to 1979. Lo and behold, a few years ago, I heard that the SBA, the Small Business Administration, was going to fund movies for the first time. I went to the SBA here in Los Angeles and filled out the packet. I was interviewed and was one of two people selected. I got a loan for $120,000 and produced the movie You Can't Buy Love. From this movie, I have the CD, all of the music in it, the artists on there are... (more)

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Do Viewers Know About "knowing"?

By FMeekins, published on Sep 2, 2009

...character who wrote down the prophetic string of numbers in a flashback set fifty years in the past.

In most films one usually gets a distinct impression as to the forces overseeing mankind's eschatological destiny. Usually they are traditionally supernatural or more in the vein of what moviegoers would consider extraterrestrial or interplanetary. Seldom do I remember a film where the distinctions were blurred or melded to such a degree as in "Knowing".

For example, viewers were first given a hint of this as Cage and one of the adolescents come across an illustration... (more)

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Anything You Can Douche, I Can Douche Better

By Glenn T, published on Aug 31, 2009

...Miyagi was doing these days.In all honesty, all of it would have been fine if they were joking. You know, a Karate Kid theme party wouldn't be such a bad idea - I'll bet you could even get Elizabeth Shue to show up depending on which bars you went to. Hell, I might even have joined in with some movie quotes and maybe bought the group a round for their sheer brilliance. But, no. This was no tongue-in-cheek send up of 80's pop fashion. This was latest ring quest of another Frodo and Bilbo Douchbaggins - lowering the bar to impossible new depths, and turning an otherwise tremendous local pub... (more)

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Abandonment And P T S D

By Edward, published on Aug 28, 2009

...with her husband,- her loss of her employment.Alice probably felt embarrassment in front of the hospital staff and her friends at how her husband acted.Part of my on-going training in helping those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was to watch and discuss the powerful Reign Over Me. It’s a movie about a 9-11 victim. The husband’s wife, kids and dog were on one of the 9-11 planes. I recommend watching Reign Over Me as it graphically shows the husband’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his heartrending loss. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder lasts the rest of the victim’s lifetime. ... (more)

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My Name Is Khan

By wolviela, published on Aug 18, 2009

...Muslim, Buddhism, and Christianity get a long for the most part. But just like in the U.S. there are ignorances that try as we might, may never be dis-engrained (yes I believe I made that word up), as those thoughts are passed down by generation to generation.

If you are a fan of Indian movies or culture you will know who Shah Rukh Khan is. The King of Bollywood, or in some Indian fans eyes, the “Brad Pitt” of Bollywood. However, I’ll give that title to Abishek Bachchan.

If you are on the East coast you know that quite a few movies have been made by... (more)

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Santa Monica Pier Celebrated With Sounds Of African Music

By Ricky Ricardo, published on Aug 4, 2009

...series got under way with the multi media band Playing for Change. I regret that I missed seeing this show. This group has become internationally known thanks to the modern technology of the internet of their video “Stand By Me”. About five years ago, I had the pleasure of viewing a movie of this group at one of the many film festival in Los Angeles. You will soon have the exciting privilege of seeing a featured documentary of the group on PBS this month (August). Check your local listing for the date(s) for this documentary. If you live in Los Angeles there is an interview with ... (more)

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