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Narco Faith

By D. Sager, published on Feb 10, 2013

...the direction became clear. Get more of this drug, get more, get more. Addiction's voice is haunting and nagging, worse than an old wife on the rag. In my gut, I feel a recurring emptiness and my mind is filled with noisy clutter. They dance in an unsettled pattern that revolves around like the moon, the gravity of seriousness holding both of them close. I filled my bottle up with pretty little pills, the things that give me solace in the routine of restless seeking. Shaking the bottle, I looked again at the prescription, in bold letters, FAITH, and in small script below it, “can cause... (more)

Tags: spiritual, moon, drugs, faith, wife, prescription, restless, bottle, my ancestor was an astronaut, narcotics, pills, rag, seeking, toba beta, ua, urine analysis

The Moon over a calm sea

By odliam, published on Nov 2, 2012

Heaven hides its mien in shadows, a somber mist dims all the stars, meadows sink in forsaken scars, in obscure dirt the wind wallows, and darkness the scant light swallows. Hours roll down the slope of time, and in an instant a shine on the line of the horizon burst into light, while Casta Diva shows her might, pouring silver glow right and fine. When Selene her countenance lets to makes grace abound on Earth, shadows flee, beauty fills of mirth, every corner, all inlets as her chaste whiteness spreads. Sweet goddess of silence and night, give us your gift of wonder bright. Sprinkle your... (more)

Tags: moon, capture, owned

Misty Is Her Way

By D. Sager, published on Oct 14, 2012

I felt light traces of her fingertips, leaving a trail of pleasure long after they found other parts of my landscape to wander. My breathing slows, mind numbs, and a creeping satisfaction, like morning mist rolling down the hillside, fills every low place of my mind. The lows of sadness, footprints of giants pocketing my memory, cupped every delicate drop of her. These lined with the nature and nurture of excruciating experience, crushed me like shells on the shore, the pounding driving me into smaller and smaller pieces. Ah, but the mist of her touch, brought healing in the haze. The troubles... (more)

Tags: moon, night, soldier, soul, lies, scars, nature, prayer, light, drama, deceit, eyes, bruise, beast, gash, maim, nature of the beast, slimy, sweat

Beautiful Silence

By D. Sager, published on Jan 15, 2012

Evening unexpected, a happening unforeseen

Things all new, before not a thought

Following the wild road

Only going where I don't plan

Beautiful silence, the wind not whispering a thing

as it plays with your hair.

Beautiful silence, the moon quietly casting shadows

of our hands dancing together

Beautiful silence, the clouds a captive audience

to our tryst by the sea.

Seeing miracles as I let go

Holding you close a myth is born

The night still young with untapped energy

Laughter... (more)

Tags: dancing, moon, hair, silence, clouds, shadows, sea, tryst


By Notumbus Bumbus, published on Dec 14, 2011

What happened, that first time,

To those first humans? The bright light

In the dark sky, fading, being eaten

As if by some mad god, gone from sight,


What did he or she think

Would happen next? The mad god

Laughing at their fear, or worse,

Taking them out of life itself,


Into some neverland, obliteration

For all is inevitable, this is a sign?

Or, was it something altogether new,

A visitation from probability’s origins,


Launching all who dwell upon these shores

Into... (more)

Tags: moon, earth, sun, eclipse, umbra, penumbra

With Sky of My Grand Ma & Ma

By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 23, 2011

...always redressMy grand ma’s lore about the sky

Titillated narration made me sigh At my mother’s lap for hours to gaze star.Now from oblivion rescuing memories that was kept ajar.Sky as repository has kept my dreams

I hold many hours of twinkling gleamHopping the stars with moon as spring boardFrom the vastness of silence borrowing the nodeScriptures of my thoughts imbedded to twinkling starsI Beholds the mesmerizing pageantry up so farSo many wonders to wander at par Flying Birds when extend it pretends the silken thread in makeRemembers granny on a spinning wheel... (more)

Tags: moon, mother, grandmother, stars, sky, dreams memories

Blowing Up The Moon

By Lumiere, published on Oct 5, 2009

On a space quest for frozen icicles, NASA will finalize their LCROSS mission with Lunar "Impacts" (a.k.a. Bombings) in a crater near the moon’s south pole at approximately 4:30 a.m. PDT this Friday, October 9th, 2009. Here are a few things to take into consideration before we begin blowing up the moon:

Would someone explain how scientists find frozen water on a planet with no atmosphere, that has remained virtually unchanged for 4.5 billion years? Oh, it must be some sort of magic trick. Perhaps they are really looking for oil. Once the frozen water is "discovered," via "excavation" is... (more)

Tags: global warming, nasa, moon, buying land on the moon

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