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The Fear of Fear

By Shari G, published on Sep 7, 2011

... single thing, that over ninety percent of the time, never come true.

I find myself, even now with all that I’ve learned, stuck in the old habits of my parents, playing that same tape over and over again in my head because it was what I grew up around; the fear/worry of not having enough money and always struggling financially. For someone else, it could be the fear of never finding love or the worry of being stuck in a job they hate for the rest of their lives. The funny thing about fear and worry is, it can debilitate you so much, that you end up doing everything possible to make... (more)

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All Enemies, Foreign And Domestic

By Paul Wylie, published on Apr 8, 2011


A few years after the war ended, the Soviets seized all of Fred Koch's assets and property, and so Koch returned to the U.S. loudly proclaiming his anti-communist stance. With help from his relatives in Germany, Koch re-established his oil business in America and in 1950, with money received by those same German relatives, established the John Birch Society in New York. it quickly became the hub for American conservatives until they began to espouse the same ideals as Hitler and denounce everyone else as communists. After his death, brothers Charles and Davis inherited... (more)

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Memphis Magdalene

By mantra lotus, published on Mar 22, 2011

Memphis Magdalene; a strip club owner's profitable dream.

Endorsed by the bottle companies that she hugs in-between her thighs..

Dirty Green paper dazzling like snow flakes..fall all around her..

A thorned halo, broken and twisted around her head...caught and kept by her matted white wig.

The corners of her eyes blackened and smeared by charcoal mascara, blending perfectly with her loosed expressionist glare.

Gray, plastic crucifix circles her each twirl..causing red streaks to bless her collarbone.

Her thin arms constrict and contort, winding... (more)

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Earning Some Money Outside Office

By MUGISHO N.THEOPHILE, published on Nov 8, 2010

...only right place where an individual can carry out necessary activities and that home is the specific place for rest. However, experience has proved that home can also serve as a place where you and I can conduct our good careers and make an amount of coins. This is true in the context that ‘money has no odour or smell and no money is ever dirty’. The world has been totally changing couples of years. Flexibility is now required in every domain; thus, people can now work from their homes. This wants the people who have chosen this option to be with all skill sets and lifestyles. Based... (more)

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$$$ Money $$$

By taking off the mask, published on Aug 31, 2010

Money today

gone tomorrow

I spend it like water

use it before it comes

count it like sheep

and earn it like spankings

drown in it like quick sand

and eat it like supper

dream about it at night

and feel it at day

work for it like muscles

lose it like sweat

money today

gone tomorrow


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What is Your Worth?

By ranfuchs, published on Apr 22, 2010

...But when he found out that all our references were from medical institutions, he looked at us in superior disgust and bluntly stated: “If somebody dies because of malfunction of your software, it will be a loss of $250,000 in insurance pay. But here if a mistake happens, we lose real money. (By the way, in the aftermath of the credit crisis, it became obvious that in general, financial software was far less reliable than anything we produced.)

So now that you know how you are valued by financial institutions, you may wonder if there is anyone outside your family and close... (more)

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LA Foster Care: The Hitchhikers Guide to Foster Care

By joshuaallen, published on Mar 17, 2010

...account for hundreds of thousands of dollars and spend years arguing with the county about it. And here is why. Agencies stay open because they play (and pay) politics. And if “money is the mother’s milk of politics,” abused children are the mother’s milk of agencies.

Politics is about relationships, and a foster agency thrives because of relationships. A good relationship with a particular DCFS office, a Supervisor or even a County Social Worker who are... (more)

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Do We Need Money to be Happy?

By ddmw, published on Mar 12, 2010

To begin, if the oft-used maxim that "money is the root of all evil" is true at all, it would perhaps be better to say that the pursuit of money is the root of all evil. However, even that statement is wildly misleading.

Certainly many people who devote their lives to accumulating (or attempting to accumulate) vast sums of wealth will occassionally be involved in morally reprehensible activity - in more extreme examples, they may even commit crimes to generate more wealth.

However, money (and even devoting one's life to the pursuit of money) is not inherently evil (or even, in... (more)

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2010-11 California Budget Proposal

By Christopher Wager, published on Feb 2, 2010

...about $640 million annually. (Watanabe) On the other hand, illegals pay some taxes on what they buy, such as gasoline and property taxes if they own homes. Companies employing illegals also withhold Social Security and income taxes based on, of course, invalid Social Security numbers. This is money that goes mostly to the federal government, not to the state. The Social Security Administration estimates that in 2007, illegal residents nationwide contributed a net of $12 billion to the system. Even though most researchers agree that the short-term costs to state and local government are... (more)

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Man and Money

By 'Mean' Mike Duffau, published on Nov 4, 2007

A deadly combination! I am sure we have all heard some type of saying about money from "money can't buy happiness," to "money isn't everything," to "money is happiness."

I would just like to know how everybody feels about this topic. I'd like to hear your gut honest opinion and mean it!

Money isn't everything, but in society, money is made to be all that matters. Personally, I think everyone would be a lot happier if they never had to see money again...but that's impossible. Can money really buy happiness? I would be much happier if I had enough money not to have to worry about... (more)

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