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How can we straighten out this drug addict?

By Alex Petrovic, published on Jun 27, 2012

...up this toxic of all substances.

Graphic mind blowing evidence, this will be nominated for story of the year within the Newspaper. The Kings Cross Sting series has been on exposing all phases of the drug industry, drug users and drug dealers, even the drug barons.

I know this mission wasn’t easy, we have all been working on this story Undercover in Kings Cross for quite a while. In the Cross Fire we went to the heartland of the drug network within Australia let alone the ability to expose the main syndicate in Kings Cross.

Drugs have been going through this area... (more)

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Hit the Road

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 18, 2011

...says don’t hurt anybody and that’s where my untrammelled freedom never ever castrate bonds of reasons either explicitly or implicitly and I retain the choice. Right now my choice is to HIT THE ROAD.

Roads are never ending and there is no last destination. Walk as if you have a mission to accomplish, task to finish and onto these roads with many others you have something to achieve and share. Those who are still undecided I give them a call; do you wish to walk with me and others, come on! LET’S HIT THE ROAD……………….COME ON BUDDY! COME ON BABY! COME ON EVERYBODY! ... (more)

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NASA's New Mission - Observer

By Fortus, published on Oct 6, 2010


So six years into the project, those in power see fit to kill it. All the costs already incurred just thrown away. To be correct, it's probably 60% of the investment thrown away as some of the equipment that was designed, built or tested to this date will possibly be used in the new NASA Mission set forth by the Obama Administration.

That is twice I mentioned Obama, I would like to point out I do so only because it is fact and there is no political bias in either direction as I am writing this article. Dems or Repubs, doesn't matter in regard to this article.

In doing... (more)

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