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Brilliant Lessons of Michelangelo

By Coach Phatty, published on Aug 2, 2013

I came across this little story about the famous artist Michelangelo written by Tom Russell (inspirational that expressed a reminder to us how strong inspiration can be. When we are truly focused on things that we really want to do in our lives… we can do ANYTHING that we dream of doing.

The artist Michelangelo often stirred up the opposition of the contemporary artists of his day. Many of them envied his magnificent abilities. One example was the architect Bramante.

Pope Julius retained Michelangelo to build him a splendid tomb. Michelangelo gladly accepted... (more)

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A Musical Point!

By Angie Alaniz, published on Nov 5, 2012

Why is it so rare for a man to believe that a woman in love cares to succeed in the little things you do?

Not the masterpiece you yourself feel the need to portray that would be foul play.

Take David by Michelangelo is he such a work of art?

Or was his real masterpiece in his actions love of life and music he sang from his heart!

Like David it’s harmony feeling together complete as one.

The sound brings color its fun and comes easy to the ones who really are open to love.

Nonetheless how complex it must be for the ones who once promised love yet shut... (more)

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